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How to change a theme?

Hey, newbie needs a bit help here!

I installed a 2023.001 version of vanilla forum on a hosted server. Before that i put a bootsrapt theme on themes folder.

But, how can I "enable" or see the theme options from dashboard? There's nothing about themes or how to change it. I renamed the theme and deleted cache like in these introductions https://open.vanillaforums.com/discussion/33633/how-to-install-a-plugin-addon-theme

But still can't see the theme. Does anyone knows what is the problem here?




    1. Check Theme Compatibility: Ensure that the Bootstrap theme you installed is compatible with the version of Vanilla Forum you are using (2023.001). Some themes may only work with specific versions, and using an incompatible theme can cause issues.
    2. Verify Theme Placement: Double-check that the theme folder is placed correctly in the "themes" directory of your Vanilla Forum installation. The folder name should match the name of the theme, and it should contain the necessary files for the theme to function properly.
    3. Clear Browser Cache: Sometimes, the browser cache can interfere with the display of the new theme options. Clear your browser cache or try accessing the forum using a different browser to see if the theme options appear.
    4. Check File Permissions: Ensure that the files and folders related to the theme have the appropriate file permissions. Make sure the theme folder and its contents have proper read and execute permissions to be accessed by the forum software.
    5. Restart Forum Application: Restart the Vanilla Forum application or the server to ensure that any cached data or configurations are refreshed.
    6. Review Error Logs: Check the error logs of your hosting server or Vanilla Forum installation for any error messages or warnings related to the theme installation. This can provide insights into any specific issues that may be causing the theme options to not appear.
    7. Community Support: Seek assistance from the Vanilla Forum community by posting your issue on the official Vanilla Forum community forum or support channels. Other users and developers may have encountered similar issues and can provide guidance specific to your situation.
  • Verify theme compatibility with Vanilla 2023.001, ensure correct placement in the "themes" folder, clear browser cache and check file permissions. Renaming and cache clearing won't activate it. If still invisible, consult Vanilla Forums community for advanced troubleshooting specific to your theme and setup.

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