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Moderation extension - how hard to do?

edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I am interested in adding some functionality by way of an extension, but I have very limited extension-writing experience with Vanilla (adding a role permission to set who can see real names of users and that's about it). What I want to do is community moderation, on the following model (which is designed to work with a medium-size group; more than 10 users and fewer than 1,000): 1. Each user has a number of points 2. New users receive 10 points at when their e-mail address (which must be unique to their forum account) is verified 3. Users receive 2 points each day they visit the forum 4. Users lose 1 point for each day they do not visit the forum 5. Each comment on the forum has a number of votes and two additional buttons (near the edit button, for instance): vote up and vote down 6. Each time a comment posted by a given user is voted up or down, that user receives (or loses, respectively) one point 7. If a topic initiated by a given user receives a threshold level of votes on all comments posted to it, the user receives 5 bonus points 8. Users are ranked by the number of points they have, and their rank determines whether they can post (only negative scores imply loss of this ability) as well as how many votes they can use per day 9. Administrator and moderator roles on the forum have unlimited votes (but they should not need to use them often) 10. Meta-moderation: additional command next to the voting buttons to click if you think the post was unfairly voted up or (more commonly) down; if this is clicked enough times for a given comment, then the people who voted it the wrong direction (down if it has a negative total score, up if it has a positive total score) would lose points (this command would probably only be made available for comments with, say, a total score less than -10 or more than 10) Is there any part of this that can't readily be done with a Vanilla extension? Is anyone else interested in helping create something along these lines? The idea is to reduce both the workload of moderators and also the claims of unfairness and bias that are often leveled against forum moderators.


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    I wish I could help you, I find your moderation idea really interesting. Sadly I'm not a coder... I'd be glad to test it anyway.
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