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How Big is Your... Vanilla? :^)

Seriously considering installing Vanilla since I"m liking what I'm seeing so far.

General question for forum operators: How big is your install?

I realize that the proggie itself is nice and tidy and small, but with extensions and all, how big is a good instance of it. I'll probably do a theme switcher with 3-4 themes, a wysiwyg editor, smilies, whispers, emailer, email verification, Ajax Quote, Account Pictures...etc, etc.

Basically all the feature sets of something like vBulletin or yaBB*...

TIA :^)

*So you may have rightfully guessed that I'm weighing Vanilla versus a traditional forum system. Sell me!


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    It's still pretty small. Mine's about 1.5MB
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    For a start, do you mean theme switcher or style switcher (themes can't be switched and there arent 3 or 4 of them so i'm guessing you mean style)
    Secondly, if you want all the feature sets of something like xxx, why dont you just use it?
    And thirdly, I think ithcy downloaded all the extensions a few weeks ago and it came to just over 1meg including the core package. With some of the new extensions I'm guessing thats closer to 1.5 now but you dont need them *all* anyway. So I'd suggest the 1meg footprint would be considered reasonable.
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    here's a screenie from my database.

    Still.. it's fast as hell :P And my site is being hosted on a shared server :)

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    Sweet. :^)

    To answer your second, "well why don't you just..." question Minisweeper, it's because I want something that's small and efficient. That's precisely the draw for Vanilla, right? I was gauging whether this would be a 5Mb+ proposition, which it's def not.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Those are some small installs....
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    My DB is about 35MB and is hell fast also :P It is the standard setup though. No extra tables.
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    I just set up a cron job to back up my database. it's 25MB. But that's after 3 weeks. I really don't expect any kind of slowdown when the database gets big. That's what databases do, they stay efficient when they get big.
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