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In need of a couple of add-ons

Greets, I'm in need of a few Vanilla add-ons for a support forum. Long story short: a) I'd like users to be able to tag discussions, much like on b) I'd like users to be able to highlight some discussions as "support" in one click c) I'd like users to be able to search comments using yahoo rather of the default search tool I don't mind tossing a budget at this to make it happen faster. Please email denis at mesoconcepts dot com if you've the credentials and the time to take care of part or all of the above. Denis


  • The tagging thing is most-wanted addon... still nobody hasn't written it. I might be willing to do it, if people can tell me how they would like to see it.
  • I think JP Mitchio has a very good plan: Pitty he hasn't logged in since the month he posted that.
  • Regarding tagging, I think something ajax would be nice, along these lines: If user may manage tags (= every logged in user), then display the discussion's tags (with a link to all discussions with the same tag). For each tag, add some kind of delete button or link to delete tags on the fly. Below the tag list, a text input with an add button would be used to add more tags on the fly. Storage-wise, I'd use two tables: tags and tag2discussion (or whatever the name are for Vanilla). Anything short of this would turn make scanning for tags a huge mess. Feature-wise, some kind of tag cloud panel feature would be sweet too. :-) D.
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    The Tags i would like to do as i have a good concept as to how this can work, however i need to get a little more personal with how vanilla works. I dont feel i know enough yet. Highlighting support discussions in a click, im not sure what this refers too. Perhaps using the tagging system to highlight those marked my a moderator of some sort as 'support' (exclusive or reserved tag), and 1 click search and display of those discussions ? or maybe just change colour/mark discussions on the page at the time ?.. not too sure.. Yahoo ? bleh. Why use an external (3rd party) and slower solution ? The built in one is faster, inherantly easier to use (same page, no change to layout etc. more user friendly). An enhanced ajax (instant) option perhaps yeah. But to take users to an alien page, not wise. Unless you know every single user loves yahoo... I'd like to do the tags (and perhaps highlight thing) but it would take time unless i got some help. Send me a whisper if you like.
  • why tagging? you don't tag things in your living room, your books friends etc it's not natural
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    the index in the book is tagging. when u go to the library and search for books. they search for in the index and give u lists of books that have that topic. not just book on a subject but a specific topic. they also tell u books that are similar subject. thats whats tagging Question 1) tagging will be per discussion or per comment. 2) Moronic users can delete tags or mess them up, how do u stop them. 3) tagging is usually private. like in my tags will be different than someone elses tags, based on the same webpage. but there will be an overlap. So will i be seeing what i tagged, or will i be seeing the total tags.
  • An alternative is to only have pre-defined tags. Like with books, you can't just make up your own crazy tags, you need to fir your content in the system of the librabry (forum).
  • Toivo, what you're doing right now isn't "natural" either. tagging can be a helpful organizational tool.

    you put your friends in an address book to find info quickly
    books at the library are grouped by author, subject, etc
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    Yea, I agree that tags seem unnatural in a forum given the potential user prankster factor. I've been having the same internal discussion about tagging with Gregarius (talk about something begging for a Vanilla add-on!!).

    Too bad there wasn't a way to script something that would auto-tag stuff based on keywords. For example, a user post that contains would automagically get tagged '' with the keyword dictionary preferences set by admin.

    Seems to me the only way to dooze it.

  • 1) per discussion. per comment would be over the top. cluttered and less efficient in many different respects. 2) limit tagging to long-term users or higher roll members. Or simply dont allow deleting of any tags other than by moderators. 3) collective tagging rather than individual. No overlapping (extension checks first). bjrn: As with a library and its inflexable system, i can never find a book on the latest subject of my interest. The Internet moves so much faster, any library simply doesnt keep up. Pre-defined would restrict the creativity and adaptability that a tags system is suposed to provide. I'd say just type em in (perhaps an ajax pre-defined popup like the whisper to members name thing) and select a suggested tag, or keep typing and make an new one. just my thoughts...
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    I have developed an extension that creates keywords from all discussions and comments. I am looking to improve it primarily for performance in the near future. This was brought over from the WP world.
  • please excuse my ignorance: is there atag/autotag extension ?
  • When looking for add-ons please use the search. There is the Meta Tags extension.
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