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Discussion Overview 1.0

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Displays last discussions for each category in an overview kinda way :)

Download: Discussion Overview 1.0

Default it shows the overview instead of the normal discussion grid. However, you can change the configuration to display it in a seperate tab.

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Thanks to lipa for the idea :)


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    This is a kickass extension :)

    However, how can we display it in its own tab? I didn't see any special settings in the admin panel.
  • Sorry.. didn't make it an option in the panel as I would have needed to code a 100 lines for 1 setting :P

    Just open the default.php and change:
    $Context->Configuration['DISCUSSIONOVERVIEW_SHOW_AS_TAB'] = '0';
    $Context->Configuration['DISCUSSIONOVERVIEW_SHOW_AS_TAB'] = '1';
    (on line 12)
  • That's great. It'd be a perfect cross over between other forums and Vanilla.
  • Oh ok, that's quite easy. Well, thanks a lot for this Jazzman, like Ben says, it will be pretty useful to manage vanillaphobes :)
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    1. I'd also add the "Show all" link (that I provided on the screen) that would lead to a particular category. Could that be done?

    2. And maybe adding an ajax-expandable button would be possible? :]

    3. How to make the info about comments-count, last-active, new-comments etc. float to the right?
  • 1) You can already click the categoryname to display a particular category... But a "Show all" link is possible if you really really want it :P

    2) Would be nice... I'll look into it

    3) Dunno... I've played with the CSS but couldn't get it done :P Maybe some CSS expert can take a look?
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    1. I know / Really really :P
    2. A button expanding those last 10 discussions (hope you understood it that way, cuz I don't know if I was clear enough)
    3. This should do the trick:

    #Discussions { text-align: right; } .DiscussionTopic, .DiscussionType { float: left; }



    4. I'm seeing great potential here :] so I'd like to exchange the "Categories" page with this layout and make it the default page... possible?
  • Jazz I know you want to avoid making an entire settings page for it but what about making a user preference of:
    Show Overview as Default

    That should be possible and should be less work shouldnt it? Hopefully I'm not wrong.. :D Would keep quite a few people happy though I think cause then they can run it per user...
  • good stuff Jazzmaster - how about a little (+) icon next to the Category that allows you to quicky start a new Discussion with the appropriate Category pre-selected?
  • Ah, good thinking Mini :) That is indeed easy :)
  • Would it be possible to use this display for the first category only? For example, let's say I'd like to have the first category reserved for special posts, articles, news, stickies and stuff like that. Then would come all of the other discussions, sorted in the classical way. Would it be difficult to do?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    This extension rules. You keep blowing my mind, Jazzman!
  • Jazzman, thanks alot, like many before me, this might well be a great bridge, in welcoming new adopters to Vanilla. It's a nice combination of 'categories' and 'all discussions'. Good stuff indeed.
  • Impressive. Marvelous. Fantastic. Unbeatable. Excellent. Thanks.
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    can the users select which version they want. default or overview. plus i second the request of Ø
  • After having set the extension on its own tab, I can't log in nor log out anymore. I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in ..\extensions\DiscussionOverview\default.php on line 18
  • Seems like a stupid question, but does it fix itself if you stop it being its own tab? Might just help jazz work it out.
  • This is a brilliant add-on Jazzman, it really fills a gap!

    I can't get the tab thing working though, if I set the 0 to 1 the extension just stops working, putting the 0 back fixes it.

    In any case, I love it the way it is, thanks dude.
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    I had the same error using the AJAX Preview post button too... Jazzman, please offer a way to make this a default view option. I THINK I can convince the masses to stick with Vanilla, with this!!! Awesome job man.
  • Tnx for the response guys, but I'm just a puppet and the credits should go to Lipa :P

    I'll see if I can fix the issues this weekend.
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