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[Extension] WeightedWords 1.0.1

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I have updated this extension to make it more flexible. Two new arguments have been added to help you choose how you want to sort the keywords (alphabetical or reverse alphabetical or by number of time the word is found from lowest to highest or highest to lowest) and to limit the number of keywords displayed. For example, if you wanted to limit the number of words to 20, you would set the value of $maxdisplay to 20. If you wanted to show the words first that were found most in your phorum, you would set $howsort to '9'. Please look at the included readme file. I have also included a style sheet to help you display the words better. I ran across some display problems with my default settings in some of the new themes and styles that have been created via the recent contest. By modifying the style.css file, you will get the words displayed better. Please contact me with any problems or suggestions for improvements. Thank you, jim


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    I've noticed that the text size are shown differently in different browsers. I've set the min size to 12 and max size to 20. It looks fine in opera but too tiny in firefox. Could that be fixed? Thanks.
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    I tested that range in sizes in IE anf FF and they are way too small. The problem is the difference in sizes. You need to have a greater difference between the two sizes. 12 and 20 is not enough. 12 and 100 barely makes the words visibel enough to read. If you could send me a screenshot of how it looks in Opera and FF, I would apprecaite it.
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    Hmmm.... I'm lazy to make 1 :(

    Put it this way, 12 and 20 is ridiculously small (I can't even read it!) in FF (and IE since u mentioned it), but it sure looks fine in opera (it looks like the normal text size in the panels)

    Another thing is that I notice that only registered users are shown the tag clod... is it possible to show non-users (so, every users) the tag cloud as well?
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    Questions Are those keywords specific to a discussion or to all the forum as a whole? What is the performance like to sift through all the words and catalog them?
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    Since I don't have Opera, I'll see if I can install somewhere to test.

    I would try to think of the words that are displayed as being those "most frequently used in your forum".

    Only registered users can see the "word cloud" since it requires access to the database when you click on a word to pull up all the comments.

    The key words are not specific to a discussion but rather relate to the forum as a whole.

    Performance was an issue mentioned before which has made me think of a differnet way to do this in the next version. It will definitely increase performance as well as all "all users" to see and use the key words.
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    edited October 2006
    I deleted my comment since it didn't apply to this thread.
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    aren't the keywords just static text generated through php? what does this have to do with flash players?

    i'm wondering if the css is the real problem?
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    Sorry, that was for a different discussion. I am at a loss since I do not have access to Opera. Have you tried changing the css to see what happens?
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