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Really need this to be done, help me!

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Hello, I am looking for a simple modification. I simply want a rss feed, but I want that rss feed to be integrated into the community. Basically like this - Users see rss feed. Rss feed inserts itself into forum category 1, and 2. Users post their opinion in 1 and 2. Maybe if someone can even modify the current rss module and simply allow a "link" to be placed at the bottom of each one to the appropriate forum. That would "almost" achieve what I want. Maybe add a "excerpt" link to, so you can see a dropdown ajax when clicked of a "description" on what that feed is about. But basically I just need a feed, and a way for users to talk about that feed. (this is what the site is based on). Thanks, Daniel


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    i seriously didn't understand what ur saying. u want the rss feed link from the sidebar to appear at the bottom of each category ????
  • No, I want the rss feed link from the sidebar to be like this. Title *link to excerpt* | *link to category 1* | *link to category 2* category 1 = republicans for e.g category 2 = democrats for e.g (discussion categories) And maybe if possible, that *link to categoroy #* goes to a post in that category that refers to that link, with the excerpt and then you can just reply. But that's more advanced, if you can just do a simple link for now that would be great. Let me know if the other is possible.
  • I'm still pretty confused. You want to display an RSS feed from another site and allow users to create discussions out of the content of the feed? or You want the RSS feed *from* your site to only contain discussions from a certain category?
  • I want to display an RSS feed from another site that allows uers to create disicussions out of the content of the feed. Yes.
  • I see. I suppose the best start would be to grab one of the extensions which allows you to bring a feed onto your site (probably based on magpie rss for a number of reasons) then work out how to post the necessary information to the discussion form. Shouldnt be *too* hard.
  • Okay, I guess you're not completely understanding. I can't do this myself, I have no idea how. Can someone please help me out doing this? I'd REALLY appreciate it.
  • Yes, please? I'll even pay money.
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    Your not the only one who would love to have this, and is willing to throw down some money for it. Read this thread. I think its the same thing you want. Unfortunately it ended up dead in the water.
  • Bah, that sucks - whatever. I'll scratch my idea I guess.
  • i would be psyched for this extension too!
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    Well, I've kinda find something, but it's in another discussion, I would like to direct your attention there, I've got some code, but I'm not that good with PHP, so please follow this link: Thank you!
  • Would one not able to "hack" this with a little tool like chickenfoot or greasemonkey? Could be a semi-manual two-step 'hack. Step #1 is a PHP page that displays RSS feed, each 'topic' followed by a button, clicking this button will open URL for new discussion, paste the RSS content, click the post button to submit, and 'done is case' as we say in Holland. I know it's like a 'hack-hack' but still... Almost like Re-blog for Vanilla. (Re-vanilla?)
  • It looks like everyone has gone... have they lost interest in this project??
  • Not sure, but it's something I need too, so I might try (not priority). Remind me.
    I just realized I also need some kind of "todo list" add-on to track the requests
    and requirements for more add-ons ;-) (note: I know i know, it exists)
  • ok, thanks! If nothing happens in one week, I'll give you a shout, is it ok? ^___^
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