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Vanilla Based Architecture for a Community Site

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Hi, I'm currently working on a community site. This features forums, blogs and a security model. I'm thinking of using vanilla framework for dynamic page building and easy template management. Any docs on this? Is it do-able?


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    There aren't really any docs, no. It is do-able, but you need to have a pretty good understanding of how Vanilla works before you can give it a shot. Take a look at the Vanilla documentation to see how Vanilla itself works, and go from there:
  • Thanks much mark. Let me browse thru to docs.
  • I was actually thinking between Smarty and Vanilla. I wasn't sure how useful is Smarty for a Private community site.
  • Mark, Do you recommend Vanilla for CMS based community site? We used vanilla earlier [forums only] several times. We are amazed with it's speeds and light-weight structure.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I don't really know that many cms's, so I'm not a good person to ask. Of course I'll always pick my own programming over someone elses :)
  • Mostly I'm picking Vanilla over drupal/joomla. They are powerful but licensing is the issue.
  • Drupal and Vanilla are BOTH gpl though?
  • Yes. Smarty is LGPL. Our team has voted for Smarty. We will have to come up with our very own architecture. Vanilla is my choice when there is no issue of ownership :)
  • One final question. Is it better to keep entire blog in DB or publish it to static pages? I don't need SEO though.
  • i seriously don't get what are u asking choosing between Smarty and Vanilla huh? choosing between Drupal and Vanilla huh? these are three different things that complement each other rather than supplement. You can use Drupal as blog, vanilla as a forum and smarty as a template engine. Drupal already supports smarty. Vanilla doesn't. Drupal already has its own forum as well. Drupal is a complete package. It has everything u need.
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    smarty, vanilla and drupal are 3 differents things. I think Guru4vedi want to know what is the best way to create his community site: from a cms like drupal or a forum like vanilla (like of website are done like that) or built from scratch with smarty as template system ?

    I think that if his mean feature is the forum, he should build his site around vanilla using the framework to add the other pages.
    If the forum is just a part of it, since vanilla is very easy to integrate with other systems, he might be better to look for a more mature framework like Cakephp, symfony or Zend (he can use Smarty for the template system).
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Dinoboff, You are right. I'm definitely not comparing drupal with vanilla or so. I was looking for a good framework to base my portal development on. Due to licensing issues I had to drop considering all of the existing softwares including vanilla. We have started working on a system of our own.
  • Mark, I think there is a bug here. I posted the above message but it shows the comment author as Mark :) Do you see that?
  • I think that we all have been Mark (WOW) for a minute or so. My display was strange I saw one private message from Mark, message marked as read that I havn't look at, etc...

    Crap, crap, crap... I should have try to go to the swell control panel.
  • Ok.
    Was that due to a update 'mark' was making or a buggy!?

    Thanks for all your help.
  • Hi there, New to the forums so please excuse if I am butting in on the post like this, I don't mean to. Just reading the posts here and whilst I have installed Vanilla and think it is absolutely FANTASTIC for forums I'm not sure how easy for people it would be to implement it as a fully fledged CMS. To that end I have to point everyone towards Expression Engine. I have been using this now for around 6 months and I can safely say with hand on heart that there is absolutely nothing that it cannot achieve as to a fully fledged CMS site. You can create a simple blog in literally a matter of minutes (with your OWN design) of create a full CMS document resource manager or anything else you can think of. The best part of EE is that the data is kept completely separate from your design. It doesn't use any fancy shmanshy templating systems such as Smarty and I see that as a complete 100% advantage. All I have to do is design my site using XHTML / CSS (you can use tables if you wish but can I just say Uggghhh!!! to that!! :-) ) and then put in some very simple coding that allows the site to spit out the details of the entries. Our company is currently in the process of making a website for a client and so far using the system it has only taken around 6 hours to come up with what we have so far - I don't want to knock down Vanilla as I am most definitely an exceptionally avid fan already (only just found out about it 2 days ago) and will most definitely become a very strong advocate for its use on any websites I produce in the future but just wanted to point people towards an alternative if they are interested. When I say alternative I actually mean an alternative for the CMS part of your sites and not for forums as Vanilla is fantastic in this respect. Anyway I will stop gabbing on now and let you all get on. The link by the way for the software is (Main Site) (Software). Some fantastic sites have been produced using it and the great thing is that your sites can truly become TOTALLY standards compliant and with Valid code. Best wishes, Mark
  • Yah, that identity crisis bug happened while he was adding the adsense code.

    Really was surreal--showed signed in as me, my custom style, but saw Mark's read history and whispers.
  • TomTesterTomTester New
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    Question: is Mark (Bowen) one of those 'paid posters' I've been reading about?

    The reason I ask is that I've come across many comments on other sites about
    pMachine (EE) RECENTLY even though I assumed it had died a slow & horrible
    death (used it in the past for clients, dropped it due to spamming-related problems)
  • Hi there Tom, I am most definitely NOT a paid poster. I am just someone who has completely fallen in love with the EE system. I don't think that it has died a slow death at all. Not too sure why you would say that. The forums there are always alive and buzzing! Sorry to sound so much like I did in the first post but I just thought I might be able to offer a different perspective on things for people who are looking around at different systems. I'm not a paid poster but if they want to pay me then.... No really I'm not I just love it to bits and thought others might like to try it out aswell. It might even give ideas to developers here for extensions. Best wishes, Mark
  • You came back, which proves I'm wrong ;-) Welcome!
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