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Possible rework of Roles

Mark, I just started working with Vanilla and I am very pleased to see PHP using professionally (OOP) you've done a great job. I do not want to hard code much into the forum but currently the way roles work will cause me many problems. My application for this is a forum for Poker Players to communicate both publically and privately. Each group will have their own private forum (Currently they are around 200 groups and the site is still very new) In the current settings of Role there is a one to many relationship when in my case (and reading other post many other people too) there needs to be a many to many relationship. Now I didn't find the Mutli Role extentsion, though in it current state it does not work, but there is another issue with the database. Consider this... There are 200 Categories with 200 Roles, one for each Category. I user belongs to 3 different Roles MutliRole could take care of this but, lets take a look at our Database. SELECT Count(CategoryID) FROM LUM_CategoryRoleBlock Result ≈ 40,000 Now imagine 1,000 groups SELECT Count(CategoryID) FROM LUM_CategoryRoleBlock Result ≈ 1,000,000 Now I know these entires are very small but am I wrong to conclude this could be a problem down the road? Could Vanilla be more geared towards Mutli-Role without requiring an extension? Please let me know your throughs regarding this and Thank you again for such a fine product.


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You would never run an open query like that. You would only ever access LUM_CategoryRoleBlock in relation to a Role, so your query would be more like: select count(CategoryID) from LUM_CategoryRoleBlock where RoleID = 1 Vanilla was written for smaller communities, and if I had my way there wouldn't be categories in it out of the box. Too many people freaked out when I originally removed them, so I put them back in. With that in mind, I also took on a simpler approach for roles (as you mentioned). I can see why more complex role abilities are necessary on a larger forum with many categories - but as I said, that was never the intention with Vanilla.
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