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IE Trouble

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Cant see any usernames in topics in IE , has anyone a solution here?

is use the vaneablack css as basic and main css.

thanks for helping here.


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    here are bunch of screens ...

    is it possible to fix that ? ths would be essential.
  • do u have a url. we can help fix it if we can fiddle with it
  • sure i appreciate your'e help here

    if you need anything else just let me know.

    thanks but big time.
  • It looks like you've had your forum running fine for a while. What extensions did you add recently? Also, does this happen in other themes and styles?
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    btw are u sure the problem exist and its not cause of how the screenshots are taken and stitched together to give u one long screenshot I can't help cause i don't have IE, i use a mac
  • good question, the problem here is, i'm working on a mac, and i have no apple bootcamp or virtual pc to check that on "the-fly".
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    the markup seems wrong in safari ur thread has indentations. each comment is shifted to the right than previous one. first fix the markup the second comments li tag is not closed properly and hence its creating lists inside lists like li li li li li so on. now interesting thing to note is that the first li is closed properly, how come the second one is not. the list is generatted from the same code.
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    ok found the problem with ur username
    U have a css file that is overriding line-height to 0px u need to put it back to 32px
    the css file is called Style element 1
    open it up and look for this
    #Comments .CommentHeader { line-height:32px; }
  • mh the first thing i noticed is .. that the shifted thingy is changing into normal if i disable fck o.O
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    try the above style sheet fix. and test it in IE if u can
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    ah the css file you're talking about is the vanilla.css , right?

    ps: or in other words: which css file do you mean exactly , and where can i find it? :DD
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    no there is another css file that ur using beside vanilla.css that is creating the problem
    the content of the file looks liek this
    .ProfileTitle.WithIcon .ProfileIcon { width: 0px; height: 0px; } #AccountProfile .Picture { width: 200px; height: 200px; } #Comments .CommentHeader { line-height: 0px; } #Comments .CommentHeader li div.CommentIcon { padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; } li.User.Name .UserIcon { padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px !important; } li.User.Name.WithIcon { line-height: 0px; }
    find out where is that coming from. ur suing some extension that has that css in it
  • do one thing ur the admin. edit the second and third comment of that thread and clean up the html in it and save the results.
  • u also want to tell fckeditor that ur using another language
    open up config.js
    and put this in there
    FCKConfig.DefaultLanguage = 'en' ;
    replace en with ur language. whatever that is
  • i edited 2 and 3.

    and now i try to find the snippet of this mystical css :D
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    yup changing the comments fixed some of the problem. The problem is the quote feature ur using. Any time any members is using the quote feature the list inside list is being created. That quote feature is in BBcode i think. thats what it is showing. some of ur posts are in bbcode i can see [/quote] tags. Its all messed up.
  • i have no quote activated ... the bbcodes there are db imports of the previous version of the community (IPB bbcode tags)

    i disable now all extensions and i go to to get any results, i hope that works someheow
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    did u find the css file and change the line height are u going to use fckeditor from now on. If u are then some of the existing html needs to be converted. u will ahve to run a sql query to have all ur post rendered through fckeditor.
  • not really , this could take a little while im very tiered, we have 00:59 in the night here :D
    i disabled now all the extensions and i added into the screenshot cue .

    i hope i get some useful results here

    if yes , one of the 10 active extensions causing the css.
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