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New Extension: Chronological

edited January 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help

Forces the discussion grid to sort in a blog-like reverse chronological order.

Why? In my case, its better that way because of the timely subject matter.

Other cases?
certain topics tend to float near the top forever, because people will be willing to argue about H1B visas, or what's wrong with Computer Science in college, until the end of the universe. Every day 100 new people arrive in the forum for the first time, and they start at the top of the list, and they dive into that topic with gusto.

The way I do it has two advantages. One, topics rapidly go away, so conversation remains relatively interesting. Eventually people have to just stop arguing about a given point.

Two, the order of topics on the home page is stable, so it's easier to find a topic again that you were interested in because it stays in the same place relative to its neighbors.
From: Joel on Software


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    Hmm, isn't "sink" evented for topics that tend to stay on top? :D
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    Seems like a usefull extension. I however, will not use =]
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    Useful? I must be a little slow today, I don't understand what it does so differently from the default listing?
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    It's should be like auto-sinking every discussion, so a new comment doesn't bump it up.
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    new comments bump up the discussion. with this discussion it never will. Simple as that
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    It works by making vanilla read the topic creation time stamp in place of the last active time. This gives a neat side-effect that whispers in a discussion will bump it, but regular posts will not.

    We use it to keep weekly sets of baby pictures from getting mixed up. Bumping was rather confusing for family not familiar with forums. (Why is week 7 above week 13 when week 14 is at the top???)
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    Haven't tried yet but any chance of a switch so it could be set for specific categories? In my case, some types of discussions are well-suited for this; others not.
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    I was thinking of that... but got a headache when I tried to visualize some topics bumping on the main page and others not.

    On second thought, maybe it won't be that bad. Could also set it as a per-user prefrence. Hmm, 'personal sink' was mentioned a bit back.

    Will have to tinker a bit.
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    How to modify the code to work on specific category? in other word, I want to leave the discussion as it was, but at the particular categories, I want it to show chronological... For example, I have a categories called blog, and i only want this particular category ONLY. Can anyone help!?
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    Yeah I would like this to be for a specific category as well.. Basically I want to use the dicussion overview page like on boagworld: Have the Latest News category right at the top and have this chronological extension just for that category. That way it'll always have the latest news at the top and I can have a quasi forum/news site :)
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    Per category is now on the TODO list.

    ADM: Discussion overview should be able to do that with some small modifications.

    Here is some pseudocode assuming that discussion overview loops through the categories:
    // some of discussion overview's code For each category in categories { if (category->Name == 'News') { // set the database definitions like they are in Chronological } else { // set the database table definitions back to normal } // rest of discussion overview code continues... }
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    Ok cool.. I'll have a play with it sometime next week after Exams :D Cheers.
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    Could it be a user preference?
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    Yes, per user preference would be much easier than per category... One thing to think of is those who are viewing in chronological may be left out as the ativity continues below them...

    I will post some code to do that later today...
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    Looking forward to the category switch ;)
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