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Newbie-need help

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Hi guys, I am a total newbie to this so bare with me. Here is what i am trying to do. I am trying to set up a forum site within a network. This will be an intranet site so there will really be no issue regarding security. Installation will be on a WinXP Pro Srvc 2, I am planning to run XAMPP as my server. I am also new to XAMPP and Vanilla, I have successfully installed XAMPP and was able to bring up localhost with no issues. Everything is runnng OK. Now here is my problem: I understand that all my docs need I am to put everything htdocs in XAMPP, however I dont have a clue on what to do or where to beginning. I move the Vanilla folder to htdocs and was unable to get it started. If anyone out there who have use XAMPP and Vannila and has some instructions that they would like to share please do so. I watch the video 3x times and couldnt figure it out... Please remember that I am a total newbie to all this stuff. thanks


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    Check out this post.
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    Beside the link James posted.... What you need to do is a very simple, you said you extracted the zip file into 'htdocs' directory .. right? You need to rename it to something easier, let us say 'vanilla' ... Now, you need to make a database for your vanilla .. open phpmyadmin(you will need to enter 'root' as a username and the password you chose when installed XAMPP) from XAMPP(I don't know how because I don't use it) ... you will find a whitebox .. just enter a name for your database and click okay or whatever the button says. You have just created a database .. the rest is very easy ... just browse to the 'vanilla' folder from your browser(e.g http://localhost/vanilla) and you should see the setup page if you have started apache service(from XAMPP) ... Go with the installer ... it will ask you at some point of a 'database name' and 'username'(root) and a password(you know it!) .. don't worry about permission checking page .... You should be able to access your vanilla installation after you set the administrator account in the installer ... You said that it will be run just inside the local network ... right? So other people on the network will either use using your local IP address or your computer's name ... in both cases you will need to follow redux's instructions concerning the web path to vanilla as in the following post Anyway ... hope that helps ... and wasn't too trivial ...
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    Hey Guys I finally got it to work , this is what I found out: Needed to uncomment LoadModule rewrite in XAMPP. See below My file is is located in httpd.conf in the XAMPP\apahe folder here is my path C:\Program Files\xampp\apache\conf Originally my LoadModule rewrite was commented out. See below #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ I had to uncommented the LoadModule rewrite. See below. LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ Once this was done, I saved the file and then was then able to run Vanilla. Just make sure that your Vanilla folder is in "htdocs" in XAMPP. here is my path i.e C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\Vanilla Hopefully this will b useful to other out there is is trtying to install Vanilla 1 with XAMPP. So far the first stage is working for me. I well let everyone know how the process is coming along. thanks guys
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    yeah Vanilla won't work without mod_rewrite. Sadly on Intel macs. XAMPP's mod_write is corrupt. So for anyone on Intel macs, should use MAMP for now
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