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Calling all Mac geeks...

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I got a call from a friend today who recently invested in a new macbook. She had it all running fine for probably a month now and when she booted it today it brought up the welcome/registration screen - thinking nothing of it she filled the form in and then realised that all her apps/files/whatever had disappeared. I've not been to look at it yet but I may be tomorrow so if anyone has any clues what's gone on or if it's at all possible to get everything back (unless she's being an idiot I'm guessing that's a long shot but if i could save the day....she's an attractive get it)



  • Havent used a mac since OS 8.5, but suspecting she accidentally created a new account.
  • Could be a corrupted directory structure. I think there's a utility you can use to rebuild it. (Though I haven't used OS X in years...)
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    what prolly might have happened is that. when she saw the registration she filled it up. during registration it asks to create an account, so she did. if she tried to use the same account name as before, it would have rejected it forcing her to create a new account. Now she is logged in using a new account, and hence the files won't be there. they are in the other account. searching won't help cause u cannot search other accounts for security reasons.
    look under the Users directory and see if the old account is still there.
    try loggin out and logging in the old account.

    If she is US or UK she should take her macbook to Apple store. they will fix it up.
    If not then you should post this on Apple support forum
  • Yeah, I'm kinda crossing my fingers for the second account theory. Stupid question: how do you log out/log in? :D
  • Shift, command and Q.

    Or something like that anyway.

    /has never actually used a Mac
  • Go to the blue apple menu in the upper-left-hand corner, and select "Log Out"
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    Log out: it should be in the Apple Menu at the top left of the screen.

    Corrupted directory?: DiskWarrior — it's all it does, but it does it extremely well.

    You can run Disk Utility for initial assessment of directory problems (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility), but I'm pretty sure it already runs automatically on reboot.

    I'm guessing it's not a corruption issue though. After you "log out" it should take you back to the login screen. Restart will do that too — same menu. (Hold the power button down for a few seconds till it reboots if you're totally desperate).

    The login screen should show more than one account if a new account was created. There are different options for the login, doesn't sound like she would have changed anything.

    Edit: A good place to poke around for Mac troubleshooting is MacFixIt.
  • does not make sense, if she was using it for a month then she'd already have an account then one day it pops up a registration screen ? she must have gone done some stupid because it shouldn't have done that, pretty n smart or pretty n stupid, you got a winner if she's stupid tom lekis would be proud I could probably figure it out by remotely logging into her mac to see whats up but sounds like she has to create or use whatever account is there currently and tell her to stay away from the system preference
  • How would you remotely log on? Don't you both have to have ARD installed to do that?
  • two mac users can use remote login to access each others mac, its in the ssystem preference sharing, like if she turned it on and she could give me temporary access to log into her mac to troubleshoot it, its not too complicated but of course its letting someone into your mac secrets lol you know dirty things laying around,

    i would not recommend to allow someone to access unless it was really necessary If she didn't have any important documents, she's better off just using the current account but if she has admin rights she can always customize or add another account too. if she wants she can email me to explain her situation i can see if there's anything i can advice, i've gotten good at working around my mac :)
  • You should check if she had not changed her home folder NAME (this is unix and you should not do this unless you are savy enough to tweak netinfo also), or deleted/moved the Library folder inside her home folder, that may prevent her from loggin in and offer to register a new account.
  • looks like mini is busy with the girl. and not really interested in fixing the problem any more. :)
  • Haha. I've just generally been quite busy all weekend and not got round to looking at the laptop yet. It's 1am Monday and I just got back from Razorlight (who were fucking awesome) and i have to be up at half 7 for work. Yay!
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