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Board Colors

edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hey all, Quick question for you. I have a custom theme on my vanilla install that I created. However, I could never seem to find the stylesheet section for the background color to "add comments" section -> Since obviously none of you are signed up on the board you can't see the exact section i'm talking about - but its used on other sections as well. If you hit the "Search" tab up top the search section has the light red background that I am referring too. Can someone point me to the stylesheet code for this?

Thanks alot !


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    I didn't see a light red background anywhere... Usually you can look at the id or the class for an element and then edit it in the vanilla.css file or the vanilla.cs.css file.
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    If you mean the color around the comments, it is #FEF9E9.
    If you want the color around the "text-only mod", it is #FEE8EF.
    I use a tool called Color Cop to pick up the color.
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    Is there a program like that for the Mac that you know of?
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    Heh, sorry guys, let me rephrase - I've already searched for the color - I've replaced every instance of the color with a different color - and yet it doesn't show up. Which means that somehow there is a stylesheet that is being grabbed that I'm unaware of...

    Any thoughts?
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    edited October 2006
    If you are talking about the light yellow color surrounding the comment field, then the place is:

    #Form form {background-color: #fef9e9;}

    I just changed this on my forum and got it to change...

    also, this was in the vanilla.cs.css file under the base theme. You may just need to add it to the end of your last css file to overwrite any previous time it was used.
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    Interesting.. ya know, i'm starting wo wonder if I never uploaded the latest stylesheet hahaha. (I should go check that).
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    wow interesting. Perhaps I was accidentally changing a different them css when trying to change this becuase all my styles still had the default color. I cahnged them up now and it works perfectly.

    THanks for the help :)
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    macs already come with a Digitalcolor Meter. Its in ur Utilities folder.
    PLus I use Xylescope . SO i can just click on any element on the screen it shows me the css behind it and the html.
    download a demo and use it.
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    I never knew about Digitalcolor Meter. Nice except it doesn't tell the hex codes used for css... Any way to do that? I'll check out xylescope and see how that works.
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    Ohhh... Xylescope is nice. I haven't played with it a ton, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun... Is it worth the $20? How have I not heard of it before?
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    there is a drop down menu in digital color meter that lets u select how u want the color to be displayed. I have changed it to display the 8Bit hex yes xylescope is worth $20. I almost never ever ever spend money on software since u get one from *cough**cough*. but i spend it on this product. u can try the trial first and see if u like it. plus u need it temporarily once ur work is done u prolly won't be making any other templates any way. So try the trial version and use and get the job done.
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    I found this: Gives you the option to save the current pages color palette, as an Adobe swatch, which you can then open in Adobe products.
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