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Ajax and the "Failed to modify extension" problem

edited April 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi there. I'll get right to it.

- OS X (10.2.8 to be exact)
- Apache 1.3.33
- MySql 3.23.49
- Php 4.3.4
- Vanilla 1.0.1
- Unmodified
- All dir's and files are 777, as a test
- All dir's and files have proper ownership
- Firefox, Camino, Safari

(Note: This is a test box, that I like to keep with a minimum config for running the "bare essentials".)


In relation to this thread (Vanilla: An odd Vanilla problem...), I've ran into the exact same problem. I didn't want to dig up the dead horse since it's been since July, and also since this is after Mark has commented out the call init_ajax.php which solved that thread.

What happens is the following:
- Trying to enable "any" extension produces the following pop-up's:

1) param: 'Extension Name' (OK button, click)
2) response: '' (OK button again, click)
3) Failed to modify extension. (OK button again)

- Bookmarking doesn't "stick"
- Block category doesn't "stick"

With the bookmark, it changes the text to "unbookmark", but fails to save the actual change.

With the cat block, it "looks" like it is doing something, but then when it's done it still says "block".

I'm at a complete loss here, really. Some of the ajax stuff works, like reordering cats and refreshing when changing the selected member role.

Since I've registered here, I checked bookmarks and category blocking (which worked), so I'm lead to what is likely a server config problem. I've tried about a dozen different extensions, some labeled as van1, some 1.0.1, and the result is the same.

I tried uncommenting the include in init_ajax.php just for kicks, but that didn't do it either. My actual production server has more updated versions of Apache, Php, and MySQL, so that's my next testing step.

Anybody have any ideas with this one? Someplace to start?

Thanks in advance.


  • Confirmed. It is server specific, as a test install on the production box is fully operational.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It could be that you've got a path variable set incorrectly. Try going into js/ajax.js and uncommenting the line:

    // document.location = DataSource;

    to look like this:

    document.location = DataSource;

    Then go and try to enable/disable an extension. If your paths are correct, it should take you to a page that handles the request. If your paths are incorrect, you will probably get some kind of 404. You might even see some other kind of error that could lead to a conclusive answer.
  • That did make a difference, although now it simply brings up a blank white page. The resulting url is AjaxQuote being the extension I attemped to install for this test.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Well, that is wierd. It should be working, then. Try something other than extension changing that didn't work before. Try something like bookmarking a discussion...
  • I did, with no change in results. I guess the positive side is that it's fine on my production box, but it's still got my mind wondering wtf it could be. This has the initial markings of a freak glitch with odds of 1:1000000000000000. It's very strange indeed.
  • I'm experiencing this problem with extensions. Each time I try to activate/deactivate one this message pops up.

    I've tried uncommenting the line as mentioned above and chmod 777 on the extension and conf files.
  • I'm having the same problem.
  • I'm also seeing this issue. I just upgraded to 1.1.2.
  • the conf/extensions.php file must be writable by the http server: chmod it.
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