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Notify by email of new applicants not working

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I am using the Applicant Email Verification 0.4.0 extension on my forum and it is working fine, the user gets the verification emails. The problem I have is that the administrator does not get notification of the new users. I have set "Notify by email of new applicants" in the administrator role. and "Receive email notifications when new users apply for membership" in the administrator account. I've even tried changing the administrator email address, but I never receive any notification. Any ideas? Cheers Ed.


  • You will only receive a notification if the default role is applicant

    However, on my testing server, using the smtp method, it is working. Same on my remote server, except when I use it with the sendmail method and that my admin email is an hotmail one, and I don't know why - the mail leave my server for the hotmail one but never arrive to my mailbox or my junk email.

    If you have access to you error.log and your mail log you could look at it.
  • My New Member Role is set to Applicant and my Membership approval role is set to Member. The membership approval role can't be set to applicant as it's not in the list.
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    So you should receive on email after an applicant receive his email.

    I tested it on php4 and php5, it should work. It could be a problem with sendmail, your smtp server or your email server.

    Which method do you use for the mail?
  • I'm using sendmail. The applicant is receiving the messages without problem, so I'm assuming it's configured OK.
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    No, you can't assume that. I have the same problem. Using sendmail, the applicant receive his mail, but not me. And I checked the mail log, the mail is send to me. If it is sent to my hotmail account I never receive it. If it is sent to my isp mail, I receive it. when I use a smtp server I can receive it on both of my email. So I guess, there is problem with my mail server.
  • Typically it's much safer to use an SMTP server, especially if the receiving end checks for 'known sender' (i.e. valid SMTP server, valid account, etc. etc.)
  • I have also installed the newsmailer extension, if I send a message to the administator group then it arrives fine. I don't think there is a problem with sendmail.
  • Well they use the same method I guess. The only thing that might be different is the sender information.

    You can try to replace line 188 of ApplicantEmailVerification/default.php:$e->AddFrom($this->User->Email, $this->User->Name);by:$e->AddFrom($this->Context->Configuration['SUPPORT_EMAIL'], $this->Context->Configuration['SUPPORT_NAME']);
  • I believe sendmail may use the local machine to send (i.e. your server). Spamfilters often block email originating from servers that do not have a registered/whitelisted MX record. I once spent days figuring this out... Since then I prefer authenticated SMTP servers. (and always make sure my "from" address actually exists in that domain)
  • I replaced line 188 and it made no difference.

    I've commented out:
    $UserManager->Context->Configuration['ALLOW_IMMEDIATE_ACCESS'] = 1;
    from function EmailVerification_NoMailAdmin, so I now get an email when they apply.
  • I am also having problems with Admins not receiving notification of new applicants. Everything has been checked. In the beginning, all of my admins received this notification - but now we are not. The "Notify by email of new applicants" box has been checked in the Admin roles and the "Receive email notifications when new users apply for membership" box has been checked on the Forum Prefences in each admin profile. It seems as though it sends the notification when it wants to, then stops. Anyone have a solution to this issue?
  • on send notification and others discussions mails are not send i put right smtp host,user name and password but mails are not trigger i relies only PEAR MAIL functions are run please help me how i sort this problem and how send mail in vanila2 using PHP PEAR mail
  • i have got same problem after R&D i check that swift mailer work So
    you can use the swift mailer to trigger and Received the mails in ur mail box, u can change phpmailer source code with the swift mailer
    if change them please tell me i am also try to change phpmailer source code i got the main page where class is work " \your main dir\library\core\class.email.php"
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