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Quicktags, signatures, usermessages & transmogrifier problems

Hi, I am currently trying to tune vanilla correctly, i.e. trying to get the "classical options" that any forum has, and I do encounter problems for whose I did not find any explanation (including this forum) nor documentation, and that is why I start a discussion here. 1. After enabling the "signatures" add-on, users may define one, but it does not appear on the forum... 2. After enabling "quicktags" add-on, nothing happens... the reply form remains unchanged. 3. When I do enable transmogrifier add-on, I get this message displayed on top of discussion page : Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '/' in /path-to-my-site/extensions/Transmogrifier/default.php on line 56 Someone already posted that but nobody answered so I am mentionning it again. 4. After enabling "usermessages" add-on, nothing happens either. Does the "whisper" option has to be activated or de-activated to make it work ? I just would like to mention that plenty of other add-ons work correctly, so I don't think I mis-unstalled these ones, since I followed the guidelines for installation in the same way. I would strongly appreciate your support on these issues ;) Thanks Laz. EDIT : I also would like to know if it's possible to set the "categories" page as the first to be shown when someone comes in the forum (instead of the discussions page).


  • Hi!

    1.) You have to change one line in a core file of vanilla too, have you done that?

    2.) No idea, sorry!

    3.) Some of the textpatterns are wrong! Have you done your own? And be careful, put no # in a line, it makes the line a comment, even if the # is in the middle!

    4.) Don't know, have to check the extension on my own too!

  • Hey, thanks for your answer : 1) no I did not, what do I have to change ? I did not see that in the readme... 2) too bad :( :) 3) Well, I suppose something is wrong but I didn't changed anything except the config.txt file, in which I set my smileys. A friend of mine who know php well just checked it and saw nothing wrong. The ling 56 is a function, and I suppose that waht it is calling is the config.txt file but I can't see anything wrond in it. There is a "/" somewhere that must be fixed but we can't find it 4) bwaaaah .... lol
  • Can you link to your Transmogrifier config file?
  • Try commenting out lines with slashes in them, or apostrophes, and see if one of those fixes it. If it does, then we can figure out why that's causing a problem.
  • Might I recommend the Vanilla Icons add-on? (if it's smiley's you're after) (note: had problems with transmogrifier too, and neither vanillaicons nor transmogrifier seem to work with live preview)
  • ok thanks I'll try that, I was effectively looking for smileys
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    Resolved : Transmogrifier : in my config.txt I removed the smiley like :-/ and it works.
    So you have to remove any / from text to be transformed.
    Thanks for your answers ...

    Still problematic :
    UserMessages... I managed to install it and I now see the send message box in my account page, but it seems that I can only send messages to myself...
    You don't have to choice of recipient, it picks you by default!
  • TiggrTiggr
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    About signatures:
    Please note that this requires a very small modification to one file:
    1. Open up themes/comments.php
    2. Find the line:
    $CommentList .= $Comment->Body.'
    3. Replace the found line with this one:
    $CommentList .= $Comment->Body.(defined('EXTENSION_IN_SIGNATURES') ? SignatureRender(@$Row['AuthUserPrefs']) : '').'
    I've just copied this from the download-page:


  • And again me...

    Try to escape slashs in config.txt with a backslash like that: :-\/, don't now if it works, but it's worth a try.

  • >Tiggr

    Thanks signatures now work :)
    Is there any alternative to quicktags to enable some format toolbar for comments?

    I tested usermessages and find it useless : it's difficult to read messages since you have to access personnal preferences and scrool all the way down the page. Plus, there is no "delete message" option of any kind, it's not really useful since you can't order anything.
    I see that many vanilla users say that the whisper option is better but I don't see why... could someone give me some insight about it ? :)

    Thanks agains for your answers !
  • Can you explain why it isnt better? It's pretty much just a pm system (whisper an entire discussion to someone...problem?) AND it allows you to send a message to a single user mid discussion (if you need to tell them something you dont want other people knowing - it's much easier to refer to stuff in context usually)
  • Whispers are good, but without notification you need to start tracking them down. My vote is still for a whispers tab/add-on to summarize them all (and quickly jump back into the related discussions)
  • et voila:
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited November 2006
    Thanks. Saw that one (but admittedly did not yet install it). Will do so now. My request for tabs if because of the symmetry: discussions, categories, whispers, if shown in the panel on the left, then perhaps they should be so too at the top (optional). Next tab request: my comments :D UPDATE: I don't like the fact that I have to enable it first in my account tab. Can the default not be 'on' for all of my members?
  • add $Configuration['PREFERENCE_WHISPER_NOTIFICATION_ON'] = 1; in the default.php file (you'll have to change the PREFERENCE_WHISPER_NOTIFICATION_ON to whatever the preference name is in the file. i dont have time to find it but it's easy enough.
  • Hi,

    All I was saying is that whispers are difficult to understand for new users, who are used to have this virtual place were messages are centralized, the "inbox". Whispers are not clearly mentally represented at first. How to delete them is the question I get all the time. Anyway, I have to test this system, I'mnot saying it's not a good one :)
  • Just tell them they cant delete them, simple :D It's the modern way of things...
  • Well, yeah, but few poeple like that, they want to be in control of things.
  • Hi |||Lazarus|||, I'm remouk from DS in Paris. :) I guess you heard about Vanilla via our forum, I hope you enjoy it!

    If you want your users to be able to delete their own messages, the Comment Removal extension may be the one you are looking for.
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