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Log-Out when i close my navigator :/

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, I log me on my forum and when I close the navigators after we are log out too, so all time we are obligate to login =/ If you have an idea for fix my bug :/


  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
    Did you use the option "Remember me" at the sign in page? If yes, check if you block cookies from, what you should not do to stay signed in.
  • edited November 2006
    Yes i click it and all user have click it, anybody block the cookies from Bug the bug is not fixed =/ if you have some answer or idea :) Thx for help (tex, etc) My version is 1.01, i upgrade it from 9.3 if you want some information ,)
  • No idea then, sorry.
  • What do you have set as the cookie domain and path for your forum?
  • The url of my forum for cookie domain & path in the settings
  • It should be, for example: Domain: "" Path: "/community" Without the quotes.
  • Yes the path is /forum/ & domaine is But they have a log out again & again =/
  • Up =/ Anybody have an idea ? Thx for help minisweeper
  • The domain should not be "" but rather ""
    Also, as I already mentioned in other threads, it sometimes necessary lo leave this field empty, due to DNS resolution problems.
  • So : [b]Web-path to Vanilla[/b] /forum/ [b]Cookie Domain [/b] [b]Cookie Path [/b]/forum/ And if i leave the field cookie domain it's the same bug =/
  • A little up for some help :)
  • Is it possible you can give us the actual path to the forum and possibly a test login to see if we have the same problems?
  • Yeah sure :) Login : Vanilla Password : lussumo Thx for the help :)
  • That works fine for me with and without ticking the 'remember me' box.
    It's setting cookies for:
    which is fine.

    It may be worth trying just using: and /forum
    But other than that i'd put it down to your client side settings...
  • For me & a firend we have this bug again and i delete my old cookies =/ I log & check "remember box" and if i reboot my computer and go in forum i'm disconnect ... But you are log all time is it ? Really strange =/
  • I didnt try rebooting but i have no real desire to reboot my computer. I'm pretty sure it wouldnt change anything though. What browser are you using?
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