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Blog/Frontpage extention.

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I personally am not skilled enough to produce this but the idea would be this.

You would create a category called frontpage. You would add a new role like frontpage_admin that can post to this category.

Next you would create a .PHP file the would pull from the database

Defined as such, sort by recently created, from category frontpage, Limit 8
also while pulling those articles pull comments aswell.

then embed this PHP file as the home.



  • I actually need something similar, but ( as I have a lot of other custom code to write for my online community ) I've simply decided to do a 2 page wordpress template, and use a few extensions ( like recent forum posts on ) to have the forum *integrated* with the blog. If I was adventurous I would attempt the actual integration of wordpress with vanilla (as detailed in the documentation). That's the only piece of advice I can give you at this time. Hope someone pick up this request.

  • I am able to do the SQL to pull the Discussions/Comments... But im unable to render them properly... I believe this is already done within the vanilla engine so i could do it without sql at all, Ill keep looking into it and let you know what i come up with.

    Pretty much all the addon has to do it is have an PHP file to show the lastest 5 disscussions from a catagory + there comments, then a more button at the bottom.

  • I'm also looking for something like this.
  • i really need this as well!
  • can't seem to figure it out =\
  • can't u guys use the page manager extension u can make a front page with it. and also add the php code u want.
  • that does the first half, but still doesnt Pull discussions/comments and render them.

    thats what we are trying to do, it render certain discussion/comments from one category.
  • can't u do that with simple html. create a tab and link to the category?
  • i want multiple discussion/comments displayed on the front page. to be viewed more like

    like this

    instead of like this

    the top posts explain better.
  • yea that's what I need to, since I want it to be like a real "homepage" where I can just post up news without having to physically code the news it would be nice to just be able to make a post about it and have people be able to comment on it, like what websites have since i'm trying to make my vanilla forum into a fully functional website/forum hybrid.
  • yeah wouldnt it be sick! =) atleast we share the same vision
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    i've been trying to look into this matter, though i'm a newbie to php so I am unable to do this, but from what I researched, pretty much all it would be is making a page that is a fully functional blog page, then you'd be able to post up news just on that page and have people comment on it. So if there is someone that knows how to make a page into a blog that still keeps the vanilla theme intact, then this should be what you're looking for I hope. So i'm thinking that if no one is able to make this then maybe what you could do is subscribe to a blog and make it look how you want it to, then make an IFRAME of it on a custom page which could be used as the homepage so then you can just post up news to your blog and then it would be displayed on your forum. Except the only bad thing about this is that users have to be subscribed to that blog service as well in order to post comments to it. (well there are a few that you don't have to I think but not sure which ones those are)
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    what a great thread. This issue has been exacly the one that I have been thinking about all weekend. I spent a lot of time a few weeks ago, integrating wordpress as my main homepage....and vanilla for my forum. But I don't like it.....too complex. viewable at What I ideally want is vanilla at the very heart of my site, but a news page/frontpage extension to use for my main index/home page.......for all the latest news, etc. I am so eagerly waiting to see what folks in this thread come up with.
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    I was able to get it to work a little bit, but only able to show one discussion, and i have to switch discussion manually.


    RewriteRule ^$ discussion/7/irc-fun/ [QSA,L]
    RewriteRule ^/$ discussion/7/irc-fun/ [QSA,L]

    to .htaccess

  • check

    I just need to figure out how to pull disscussion by themselves. so i can include('.php');
  • looks great, monst! I posted a comment re that looking like my garden :)
  • i can't wait until you get it completed monst :) keep at it.
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    I would also like something like this. To post news and be a startpage with information. You have a news category and when you post there, it appears on the front page. It looks like a Vanilla CMS project.
  • bumpy
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