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I need a new monitor...

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So today i got my main pc back up and running (my sofa pc died and i've run out of backups) And I've been using 1024x768 on the 15" monitor on my sofa pc, so i was using 1280x960 on my primary 17" on here. But it only does 60hz refresh on that (i'm not sure why, its quite a good monitor). So i'm using 1024x768 on it and everything looks so big :( If anyone has a spare 19" tft i'd be more than greatful for it..


  • I used to run 1440x1050 on a 15" monitor. Using Linux. That's the highest res the thing could go to.
  • well apparently 1280 is the highest this goes to...which explains the shit refresh. I never realised that. Someone get me a 19" tft goddamnit!
  • Pardon my idiocy, but what's a tft? And 60mhz doesnt bother me. I dont get why it does for a lot of other people...
  • ithcyithcy New
    edited July 2005
  • yeah tft lcd whatever you want to call it. they're the thin monitors that its no longer worth being without. at 60hz you can just about see your monitor refreshing...try comparing it to 75+hz and you'll see what i mean. Its generally not very good for you.
  • Its generally not very good for you.

    Why is that? Does it stuff up your eyes?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    imagine staring at a strobe light for a couple hours...
  • I understand. But, if you had 'ample' lighting in the room, it would be less of a problem. I don't have that problem, I just get a sore neck looking at my monitor. It is like having an iMaxx screen 1 foot in front of your face. You see, I have an apple 30" cinema display.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    edited July 2005
    mini, I found you a new 30" cinema display if you have transportation and a billy club :D

  • haha. I am not parting with it! *fortifies front door, loads shotgun*
  • haha. So whats your address again? I get a sore neck looking at my second monitor cause its at 90" to my face...which is probably why i dont end up using it much. I'm planning on getting dual 19" tft's with a nice thin bezel so it'l work out at ~31". But i have no need whatsoever. :(
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