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Blank Page --> Include Vanilla Login

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
If someone were to create a basic, blank html page, what would be needed to: A) Include the "Signed in" information on the top right corner of the page B) Actually have people be signed into Vanilla on that non-forum page? I'm working on the issue right now, I don't expect a full quick and easy answer, but a direction would be nice! Thanks!


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    include signed in information
    Make a link to people.php?SignOutNow if signed in, people.php?ReturnUrl=[your page, optional] if not.

    actually be signed into vanilla
    As long as the cookie domain and directory match the url of the file in question, it should be available to check the user session.
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    edited November 2006
    I've spent several hours on this, and finally came up with an answer that satisfies me.

    On my page, I included the following code, and basically had vanilla render half of every page.

    My entire site is built using 3 includes, header, nav, and footer. Within header I put:

    $Configuration['SELF_URL'] = "".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
    include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] ."/exchange/appg/init_vanilla.php");

    $Page->AddRenderControl($Head, $Configuration['CONTROL_POSITION_HEAD']);
    $Page->AddRenderControl($Menu, $Configuration['CONTROL_POSITION_MENU']);


    <?php $Page->FireEvents(); ?>

    Then I created my own theme/style, and copied over the head.php and menu.php, as well as the foot.php and panel. I inserted the code for my website and replaced/changed vanilla layout code, so that the site would appear in my style.

    Now I have vanilla check if i'm signed in on every page, and it has a nice vanilla banner across the top for easy forum access (although I have to change the specific banner picture, it's still looking pretty good).

    There's definitely more tweaking to do, some of my css is off, but you can see the results @

    Now I just have to find out how to integrate threads on certain pages! Anyone?
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    edited November 2006
    if you use the page management extension you can make custom vanilla pages that still have all the vanilla options and layout. Here's an example of it, i really am not trying to promote my site since it's not even close to being ready for advertisement, but here's a link to some custom pages I have created so you can see what I'm talking about:
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