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I hate wp

ToivoToivo New
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"Coming soon Very very soon. We promise. In the meantime ..." How long? What is the best and most comprehensive WP plugins page?


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    ToivoToivo New
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    Im sorry, I should have started this discussion here But it took ages to find that they actually have url autolinking. Oh, it is called autohyperlink Gosh
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    honestly, I can't stand the WP support forums. Many questions go unanswered. (Usually the more technical ones.) I much prefer the codex for help.

    (I wonder if that autohyperlink is the one I made???)
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    I agree silverwing.

    I really dislike the WP support forums. Although, I'm not sure if it is for the same reason altogether.

    I do notice many unanswered questions, but then again, most times the question has been answered and a search would reveal the information. Personally, while the saying goes that "the only dumb question is one that is unasked", give me a break on some of these. How many times does the same question get asked? How do I change the kubrick header image, how do I change the link colors, etc.

    IMHO, there are questions that are very valid. Where people truly have an issue, that is different. However, in my experience, the number of repeated questions outweighs the true issues several times over. Although I'm not saying that legitimate questions don't go unanswered as well. I do tend to ignore ones that are extremely poorly written, or make absolutely no sense. But that might just be me.

    So at least for me, it's all the questions that get asked from people with a complete lack of knowledge about anything html or css related, that should be asked elsewhere, that continually cause me to skip over reading or skip the entire forum. To be honest, lately I haven't touched them often. I used to keep up once a day or so, and at least try to give back a little bit to their effort by assisting with problems. Instead, if I use WP for a site I'll simply make a donation instead. Depending on the scope of the site and its usage, it might be $25 for something small. Then again, I did a massive project based around WP as its core, and I donated a couple hundred all together.

    For me, it's easier that way. Although if I do drop by, and there is a technical problem, I try to at least point them in the right direction.

    I remember a case last summer, where someone wanted to use a singe set of files for multiple sites. Not necessarily "MU" style, but one set of WP files for multiple sites. It intrigued me, so I mentioned what I thought possible. I even said I'd try it over the "next few days", and see if it worked. Well it had my curiosity piqued, so I did it in a couple of hours that night. Then shared the procedure I used, and the pros and cons of it. Heck, I even found myself using that method for all of my parked domains. It made it pretty easy.

    Anyway, I may be an exception and not the norm. But at least in my experience, when I was checking regularly, usually the technical questions were met. The exceptions I've seen to this, again in my experience, has been if the user has or needs very technical information, then states they don't have the knowledge to pull it off. AKA: do my site for me, for free.

    Personally, I ignore those. Although on occasion I might "recommend" they seek a professional.

    Also though, I'm not sure I care for their forum set-up. At least, the way its implemented. I can't say exactly why, but for some reason it strikes me as odd. Again, I'm not sure why though.
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    Aside from places using phpBB/style forums, every forum on a WP installation has looked more or less the same to me. Thus my search for a forum that ended in Vanilla. :)
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