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Youth and Drugs

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This is the start of a quick responce and answer thing. Please post exactly what you thought once you read the title. If you have any other comments, place a couple of ----- under your comment and then write as much as you want on this issue. So basically, write what ever was in your mind when you though about 'Youth and Drugs'. Personal and others stories are also exceptable.

If your wondering what this' about, it's one of the many activities i use to gain information from a wide range of people so that in the many assignments i have to accomplish, i always have a unique way of showing what i want to say to back-up/use-as my main content.

Thanks, i'll really appreciate all the help i can get :)


  • Someone posting propaganda on/about todays youth and drug use.
    Propaganda, as in against drug use. While I don't necessarily support drug use I am not against it either, as I have done a few myself. I also have problems as to what is considered a drug and what is not.

    Experimentation is going to happen, I say be supportive and answer questions and truthful information on it. Not straight up lies like most people/places seem to be doing. Give someone a safe place and support to experiment, answer questions and talk about it, and you are less likely going to get that call from the police/hospital. But like everything else, there are limits.
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    Immediate thought: another fool/government tool who wants to convince people all drugs are bad for you.

    I say: make them all legal to reduce crime, tax the hell out of them to make them expensive.
    It works for booze (cf. the resounding success of US prohibition rules) and cigarettes.
  • Youth and Drugs.
    Idiots and guns.
    Morons and fast cars.
    Politicians and Power.

    All deadly combinations.
  • immediate thought. someone wants to lecture me how drugs are bad for youths.
  • Immediate thought: Vincent is old.
  • Stereotypical blame
  • I'm a youth and i dont do drugs. Never have (and have been in plenty of situations where i've been encouraged to) and never intend to (though i probably will at some point. who knows?). I can get my kicks other ways.
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    My first thought was "I'm not THAT young..." with some shifty eyes in addition. :)
  • My thought was: "I wonder why that topic is here?"
  • First thought from the title, before reading: Great, another whining lecture. As for a personal stance, tax the hell out of it. If someone wants to wreck their life on meth, that's their decision. I don't see it as different that someone drinking themselves the death. Although, the first will probably be quicker. Then, of course, comes the driving aspect of it. However there are already people out there driving under the influence of these substances, as well as alcohol, so I can't see it making a significant impact in the rising of numbers. Although I'm sure as it stands now that there are a lot that get away with it. I do think some just shouldn't be legalized. Meth, for example. But that's me, and to each their own. At least if it were under regulation, it wouldn't be such a dirty mixture. Oh yeah, that's what I want to do. Put drain cleaner up my nose. I don't think there will be a legalization any time soon though. Look how long the fight has been for marijuana, and compared to legalization of cocaine or meth, that's an easy fight. I do think that "today's youth" see them as less of an evil than generations prior. Eventually, at least how I see it, there will someday come a time where the views at the controlling level change enough, and enough of a view change across the country (speaking in terms of the US), that the FDA (or other Government entity) will step in and regulate them as alcohol/tobacco is regulated today. Me personally, I wouldn't care if cocaine was legal or not. I still wouldn't run down to the local store for a gram. But I might be tempted to grab a pack "kind"ly rolled cigarettes on occasion. It probably wouldn't be much different than it is today, in terms of kids. They still get their beer and cigarettes, if they want them. Although it might be easier now to get a sack than a 12 pack. Which is what I would see as changing. So it probably would curve some underage usage, but not all.
  • My first thought was "the high use of drugs by young people and all people". What a waste of a young life. You know, youth is wasted on the young.
  • I've never done any sort of drug so I don't know for sure, but I'm under the impression that some drugs (especially cannabis) is actually less harmful than alcohol, so I'm all for it's legalisation and heavy taxes placed onto it.
  • Actually drugs like canabis are more harmful than good quality extasy and various other class A drugs. Both are less harmful than alcohol though. The BBC made a chart with a load of drugs on a while ago putting them in order of cost/harm (including physical/mental/social issues)
  • I'd like to see that chart
  • image
    from this article.
  • first thought: Another rightwing conservative religious bastard who thinks the only good people are those that live and think like they do with the rest going to that mythical place called hell.
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    immediate thought: I need to close that discussion to keep conversations on topic.
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