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Note to all who said they want the category to be default load tab

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Ok so I know that some of the people on this forum wanted to have the category tab as the default load page for vanilla (i was originally one of these people lol) but after finding the "Discussion Overview" extension I think I like it better so I think everyone else should check it out too to see if htey like it better. Here's the link:

I like it better becuase it's neat that it displays a certain number of topics from each category and not just the categories.


  • I agree with Crazyotaku the "Discussion Overview" extension is ideal.

    Way to go Jazzman.
  • edited November 2006
    Agreed. Didin't 'see the light' with this extension until I saw how well it works in boagworld.
  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
    Damn you guys! Everytime I think my Vanilla has got the perfect portion of extensions, you come up with such brilliant ones. Thanks Jazzman. :D Note: The option 'Display Discussion Overview in a separate tab' does not work with the Page Management extension. Note 2: Would be great to add a possibility to disallow the user to use 'Display Discussion Overview in a separate tab'.
  • NickENickE New
    edited November 2006
    If an extension adds a tab while the page manager is activiated, you have to click 'resync tabs' in the page manager menu for it to recognize the new tab. But I haven't looked into that extension, so it may be different...
  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
    @ SirNot: Does not work. It is a choice, done by the user. So maybe that's why Sync does not help here.
  •  Quote: Tex  Would be great to add a possibility to disallow the user to use 'Display Discussion Overview in a separate tab'.
    From my perspective, the less users have to set up the better, it's very useable the way it is.
    Start putting in too many user options then defaults become an issue as well as complicating user guides and support responses.
  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
    @ Wanderer: But my Note 2 would take one user option away, wouldn't it`? EDIT: You mean the extension itself, right? Than you're right.
  • Sorry I read it as "allow" not "disallow"...

    But the tab option is not there in the user options anyway is it? I can't see it.

    Although it can be activated in the extension file, that's not accessible to the user so it's hardly a user option.
  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
    No, it can be activated by the user under "Account -> Forum Preferences". But not deactivated in the .php, as far as I got it right.
  •  Quote: Tex  it can be activated by the user under "Account -> Forum Preferences".
    I don't have that option, are you using Version: 1.1?
  • That page was available in version 0.9.2, even
  • I meant the Discussion Overview version 1.1 and the Tab option, not Vanilla versions.
  • Yeah, 1.1. When enabled, you browse to your user account (not settings) and don't see the option?
  • No option, but I have it turned off in the actual extension PHP file...

    $Context->$Context->Configuration['DISCUSSIONOVERVIEW_SHOW_AS_TAB'] = '0'; $Context->Configuration['TAB_POSITION_DISCUSSIONOVERVIEW'] = '1';
  • heh didn't realize this would be such a popular discussion lol.
  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
    @ Wanderer: I think this is just the default. That's the same with me. Curious.
  • TexTex
    edited November 2006
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