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Need suggestions on my vanilla site

edited November 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Ok so I think I have pretty much gotten my vanilla site how I want it so now it's time to see if there are any suggestions for what I should tweak a little more. I'm not looking for huge changes since I am really new to php so I only know how to mimic other pages and not actually code much of it lol. But just let me know what you think of it.

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  • That yellow colour on the type has to go to start with!
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    you don't like the yellow text color? What would you suggest I change it to?
  • I'll second that text colour change. I can't read it without highlighting it first.
  • hmm that's odd i wonder if you guys have some sort of different font type or something? I read it without any trouble and so do a few of my other friends that I had check out the site... anyways. what do you suggest I change it to?
  • Can I ask what browser you are using? I am going to assume that Wanderer is using Safari, and so I am I. It generally picks up the little CSS bugs that IE can/chooses to over look. I can't say what it looks like in other browsers, as I don't currently have the time to test it, but it looks a really pale shade of yellow for me at the moment. Something dark would be best. Even the reds from the header mght go well.
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    its safari not showing the black background works in firefox
  • lol Safari.
  • instead of this
    background:#000 url('') top left repeat-y;
    just use background-color:#000;

    safari doesn't like empty url
  • oh i see, I use firefox and IE since I have to cater to both.. I don't have safari to test out. Thanks for the fix, hopefully you'll be able to see it fine now lol.

    PS: is safari the main browser that macs use? If so I might start catering to it as well, since it seems macs are somewhat coming back.
  • yeah safari is main browser for macs
    there is a webbrowser for windows that uses safari's webkit engine. u can use that to test safari compatibility
    the browser is called Swift. its pretty basic browser. totally horrible ui. but the engine works
  • ok thanks. :)
  • "PS: is safari the main browser that macs use? If so I might start catering to it as well, since it seems macs are somewhat coming back."

    *sharp intake of breath and ducks incase wanderer wanders by.
  • I heard that!
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