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Has anyone figured out why this doesn't work in FF but does work in IE?

Never mind, it did display when I wasn't logged in. Sorry, 50 lashes with a wet noodle!


  • What I was trying to do was to add the author's real name as was requested in another thread. I have been successful in modifying chefdelacuisine's extension. However, the css still needs work.
  • I cant figure out what a .gz file is? Does that happen for anyone else when downloading the extension?
  • It's another compressed format like zip. I use something called 7-Zip which has helped me unzip many different compressed files.
  • Thanks, 7-Zip worked great. Bit unusual though I thought
  • I haven't been able to get this extension to work, ive tested in firefox or safari. I havent made any modifications or anything. anyone know anything about this extension that i dont?
  • The information displays when you look at the comments.
  • could you elaborate? im not seeing it anywhere at all.
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    Do you see the header line on each comment with the user name and time posted? You should see the info on the right.
  • nope. nothing.
  • Can I have a link to your site? Also, was it ever working? What other extensions do you have activated?
  • edited February 2007 create an account and ill approve it asap extensions: # AjaxQuote 1.0 Ivan Weiler a.k.a. Scip Adds quote option to posts. Works with any format type without complex JS parsing (retrives original data from DB on the fly). Redirects to last(CommentBox) page if needed. # Audioscrobblerizer 0.1 Alex Marshall Allows users to add their Audioscrobbler ( status onto their account profile # BBInsertBar 0.1.5 Andreas Hutstein A inputbar for the BB Code # Better BB Code 1.0 Joel Bernstein A BBCode-to-HTML conversion tool for discussion comments # CommentAuthorInfo 0.1 rupi angermeier a.k.a. chefdelacuisine Provides some information on the author (# of posts, etc.) of a discussion # ConfirmGoBack 0.1 ithcy null Adds a confirmation prompt to the 'Back to Discussions' link if Comments box is not empty # Applicant Discovery 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan Adds a "How did you discover this forum" question to the application form. # Discussion View Count 1.2 tamkun localhost Add discussion counters to your vanilla # Discussion Filters 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan Adds quick discussion filters to the panel like "my bookmarks" or "my discussions" or "unread discussions" # Extended Text Formatter 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan Extends the text formatter to make it replace /me and autolink urls. # FlickrFeed 1.0 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum Allows users to add their flickr photostream to their account # Hide Success 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan Makes "Your changes were saved" messages disappear with a shrink effect after a moment. # Html Formatter 1.5.1 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum Allows html to be used in strings, but breaks out all "script" related activities. # LiveSearch 1.1 Maurice Krijtenberg Add LiveSearch to the panel # MarkAllRead 1.0 Andreas Hutstein An extension, that enables users to mark discussions as read # New Applicants 1 Mark O'Sullivan Places notification above discussion list for users with sufficient priviledges that there are new applicants seeking membership approval. # Next Unread Discussion 1.0 Steve Reed Places a link to the next unread discussion at the bottom of the comments page. # Page Management 2.3.1 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum Allows administrators to create/edit/delete and arrange the order of tabs and pages, in addition to assigning which roles can view them. # Poll 1.3 Maurice Krijtenberg Add a poll to your Vanilla forum # Preview Post 1.2 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum Allows users to view a preview of what their post will look like. # Quick Keys 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan Allows users to use ALT+[KeyCode] to access various pages of Vanilla. # ShortStat 1.3 Maurice Krijtenberg Track your visitors with Shawn Inman's ShortStat # Sidepanel 1.0 Thomas Schranz Enables you to insert everything you want to appear in the sidepanel easily (based on Statcounter by JP Mitchell) # Signatures 1.0.1 SirNotAppearingOnThisForum Enables each user to have a small, one-line signature. # Simplified Discussions 1.0 Adam Atlas Adds a user preference to hide details in the discussion list. # Smooth Page Jump 1.0 Maurice Krijtenberg Automatically scroll smoothly back to the top or bottom of the page # SpellChecker 1.0 ithcy null Adds an Ajax spell checker to the comments form. Based on GoogieSpell. # Custom Styles 2.0 Mark O'Sullivan Allows administrators to further define style definitions and allows users to individually select which style they would like applied to Vanilla. Everyone gets their own custom style. # Text Mode Switch 1.0 Mark O'Sullivan Allows users to turn html-enabled comments off so that they appear as they were entered. # User Filters 0.9 Aaron Olson Adds links to the Control Panel of each user's Account page that show that user's discussions and comments # Vanillacons 1.1 Maurice Krijtenberg A huge categorized library of insertable smilies for your posts # Vanillazilla 1.0.1 Adam Atlas Provides forum statistics to the Vanillazilla site. # Whisper Notification 0.1 a_magical_me Gives users an option to be notified when someone whispers a comment to them. # Who's Online 1.1 David Knowles, Julien Cassignol, Michael Schieben Adds a "who's online" list to the panel. # Window Links 1.0 Liam Cooke Allows users to open external links in a new window or in the same window. # YellowFade Effect 0.1 Michael Raichelson Adds the YellowFade effect on some stuff.
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    I think it's a conflict with AjaxQuotes (just my initial thought).

    Edit: I completely forgot that this adds a Forum Preference. For some reason, the comment author information displays for me even though I don't have this checked off. It looks like each forum member will have to change this option. Try it for you and see what displays.

    When I checked this off on your forum under my account, I saw the additional information.
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    it seems to be displaying below the username in two lines and indented a bit. it looks really bad. can you think of what is causing it to do that rather than displaying nicely like in that screenshot you posted? thanks for all this help, btw.
  • The AjaxQuotes extension also puts stuff in the comment block. It could be just a stylesheet problem. Try disabling the AjaxQuotes extension and see what it looks like. Then you will know which one is causing the problem.
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    I disabled the AjaxQuote extension, and the results are the same as I described above.
  • Then you might want to look at the style you are using. Which one is it?
  • ive tried it with my own custom one and the default vanilla.
  • I'm experiencing the same problem as well...
  • For me, it just looks terrible. :(
  • Although I am not the author of this extension, I have made some mods to it for me, one of which is the stylesheet. It may help you. This is what I have:
    #Comments .CommentHeader .AuthorInformation { /* float:left; line-height:1em; margin:4px 4px 0px 0px; padding:0px; text-align:left;*/ font: bold; font-size: 0.8em; } #Comments .CommentHeader .AuthorInformation li { display:inline; } /* get it somewhat nice in opera & konqueror */ #Comments .CommentHeader ul { padding-right:1em; } /* avoid conflicts with AjaxQuote's style (at least in firefox) */ .CommentBody blockquote:first-child{ /* margin-top:3em;*/ }
    As you can see, I have commented out some of the css. Try it and see what happens.
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