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Hello. I noticed when I installed my Vanilla forum "Welcome to Vanilla! You will quickly notice that it is very ... vanilla. You should definitely spice things up with some add-ons." Can you make one your self? An own announcement? Which maybe could link to a topic? If not then maybe that would be a nice add-on. PS. How do I quote text?


  • Announcements Add-on You should be able to pop whatever you want in it (HTML not too sure, looks like he is working on a fix). Quote text, either type it all in yourself (like you have to here), or use an extension on your forum. (in no particular order) AjaxQuote - QuoteText - Quotations -
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    Thank you. But I have seen people on this forum that have made their text into a yellow background. When I install add-ons, what if I update my Vanilla forum to a newer version? Will it then screw up my upgrade, installation or how does it work? What is the difference between an extension and add-on?
  • Add-ons shouldn't interfere with an upgrade, the add-on may break but nothing should happen to Vanilla itself (unless the add-on required some whacky core change). As for the background color that is just some CSS tacked on to some code. There is no quote add-on on Lussumo so we have to do it ourselves. But you could also style the code that is spit out by the quoting add-ons (I would think, but I have never used them, so I am not positive.). Just something like (this is what I use on Lussumo): <fieldset style="background:#efefef; border:1px solid #ccc;"><legend>Krak said:</legend>Blah blah blah text goes here.</fieldset>
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    Polo said:Thank you so much Krak. ;)

    But how is it with the safety? If HTML is allowed is there no risk for hackers to write some malicious code?
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    Dude that extension messed up my Vanilla forum.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/user/wwwroot/ on line 29

    Now I can not even access my Vanilla forum. And I just edited the announcement topic. I will remove the extension from FTP and see if it works.

    NOO, I removed it from the FTP and the same message appear on the forums. Now I can't access my Vanilla forum. Dang it! :/

    I now removed the strings from the settings.php file, but what? My FTP client (Transmit) says that it hasn't permissions to replace the settings.php file.

    I can't even CHMOD the settings.php file (permission denied).
  • The HTML add-on has some checks written into it.

    What did you add to the announcement box to cause this error?

    To get rid of an add-on from loading open the conf\extensions.php file, find the line you are looking for, like:
    And delete the line, save, and everything should be back to normal.
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    I just changed the text back to text I submitted before.

    Nope I try to edit that but it also says "Permission denied" "Error 160, can not start data transfer". And neither I can CHMOD that file.

    Should I take the risk to delete the extension.php file and try to transfer the new extension.php? If it gives me the same error, then it isn't good.
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    One of my extension had the same problem. There is a fix:
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    But I can't edit settings.php or extensions.php since the FTP says "permissions denied". And "Could not upload data transfer".
  • You should ask your provider to fix the permission problem
  • Well, but you guys said extensions or add-ons couldn't screw Vanilla up. Just look at this. :(
  • Most often it's not the add-on, but user-error or misconfiguration. I think in this case the HTML used broke the PHP code.

    Did you try logging into your database to see if you can remove the message text?
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    What should I do in the database? I guess it is the files extensions.php or settings.php that I have to edit, but since I can't I don't know what to do. I can do a fresh install of Vanilla but I wanna get this fixed. Where should I digg in the database then? I guess it is the files in the FTP that has to be fixed.
  • Seems like I have to reinstall Vanilla?
  • Dont lose faith! If you look through the database you should find a key named ANNOUNCE_MESSAGE somewhere. I'm afraid i cant tell you where that remains a mystery for me and i dont have an active install to dig on. If you change the text in there to something plain it should fix it.

    And as for your conf/extensions.php - you should be able to delete that file and upload a different version. That would also fix it easier. If you cant even delete it (not being able to edit it is normal) you need to contact your hosts.
  • Yupp that worked. I delete both the extensions.php and settings.php, removed those lines and now it works! Thanks Minisweeper. It didn't save something in the DB or did it? Between people be aware of that extension!
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    You still can use announcement extension, you just have to avoid new line break in the announcement message.

    The ConfigurationManager class can save a setting on two line, but when it will try to update later the same setting it won't see that it on two line, and you will end-up with this kind of setting$Configuration['ANNOUNCE_MESSAGE'] = 'Default Announcement Message'; Message';

    To fix this bug the ConfigurationManager should replace the new line break.
    I use addcslashes()/stripcslashes() on the invitation only system extension to prevent it.
  • Thinking about it again, the stripcslashes() could have side effect. I will replace it by str_replace().
  • If you replace library/Framework/Framework.Class.ConfigurationManager.php with that will fix the problem
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