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Page Manager Problems.../...Pages w/ Forum Look



  • ah pagemanager, well I havne't upgraded so I don't know if there are any issues with the newest version of pagemanager, since the older one im using automatically displays the sidepanel on my custom tabs. If it's not doing that on the newer version then just go back to the older version that did what you wanted it to do.
  • The new version displays a list of the custom pages in the panel... I guess I will just downgrade...
  • edited November 2006
    I got the ones I wanted to display by removing/commenting off the following lines from 822 on...

    $BadPanelItems = array($Context->GetDefinition('Feeds'), $Context->GetDefinition('DiscussionFilters')); while(list($ky, $v) = each($Panel->PanelElements)) if(in_array($v['Key'], $BadPanelItems)) unset($Panel->PanelElements[$ky]); reset($Panel->PanelElements);

    Maybe this is just a temp fix, I dont have any more time right now to mess with it

  • So I get a call from a member of one of the websites that I have vanilla on and she says that when she goes on the site it doesnt show any tabs... and I said, well that doesnt sound right are you sure, and she said yep... so i looked, sure enough, no tabs... I deleted the page manager line from extensions.php and boom tabs... but it seems that CustomPages.php from the page manager extension ate itself, by that I mean that there is nothing in it, or should I say, nothing of any value... all the pages I had made nolonger work when I plug the CustomPages.php page back in.

    <?php return array(0 => array('tab' => 'Welcome', 'page' => 'welcome', 'url' => '', 'html' => '<br><p align="center"><font size="4" color="#3366CC">A Big Thank You To Everyone Who Has Come Up To The Airport Beach To Watch Our Wednesday Night Shows</font></p> <center> <script src=""> </script> </center> <p align="center"> <a href=""> <font color="#FF0000">Click Here for the La Crosse Area River Stage</font></a></p> <p align="center" style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> <font size="4" color="#3366CC">Welcome to the New Website</font></p> <p align="center" style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"><font face="Arial" color="#3366CC">It will allow for easier updating and access...</font></p> <p align="center" style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"><font color="#3366CC"> I would be glad to hear your input</font></p>', 'point' => 0, 'custom' => 1, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 1 => array('tab' => 'Discussions', 'page' => 'discussions', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 0, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 2 => array('tab' => 'Categories', 'page' => 'categories', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 0, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 3, 1 => 4)), 3 => array('tab' => 'Search', 'page' => 'search', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 0, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 3, 1 => 4)), 4 => array('tab' => 'Settings', 'page' => 'settings', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 0, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 5 => array('tab' => 'Account', 'page' => 'account', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 0, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 6 => array('tab' => 'Members', 'page' => 'Members', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 0, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 7 => array('tab' => 'Sponsors', 'page' => 'sponsors', 'url' => '', 'html' => '<br><center><a href=""> <font size="5"><img border="0" src="" width="218" height="103"></font></a> <a href=""><font size="5"> <img SRC="" ALT BORDER="0" width="282" height="115"></font></a></p> <p><a href=""> <><><>Page Content Removed to lower character count<><><> <img height="88" src="" width="279" border="0"></a></font></p> <p align="center">&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> <p align="center">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=""><img border="0" src="" width="500" height="151"></a></p>', 'point' => 0, 'custom' => 1, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 8 => array('tab' => 'History', 'page' => 'history', 'url' => '', 'html' => '<br><p><font size="5" color="#3366CC" face="Arial"><b>The Beginning 1972...</b></font></p> <p><font color="#3366CC" face="Arial"><b><font size="5">In June of 1972, a group of La Crosse area skiers, interested in promoting the sport of water skiing,&nbsp; decided to form a team that was, and still is, known as the River City Water Ski Show Team. Their main goal was to <><><>Page Content Removed to lower character count<><><> Our community has been very good to us over the last 33 years and anything we can do to promote the La Crosse Area is just our way of telling the community how thankful we are.</b></font></p>', 'point' => 0, 'custom' => 1, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 9 => array('tab' => 'OLD Site', 'page' => 'old_site', 'url' => '', 'html' => '', 'point' => 1, 'custom' => 1, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 10 => array('tab' => 'Contacts', 'page' => 'contacts', 'url' => '', 'html' => 'To be added', 'point' => 0, 'custom' => 1, 'attribs' => '', 'roles' => array(0 => 0, 1 => 2, 2 => 3, 3 => 4)), 10; ?>
  • NickENickE New
    edited November 2006
    Wow, you seem to be having a lot of trouble with this...

    For some reason or other the Custom Pages file looks like it was corrupted slightly. At the end, the )), 10; ?> is screwing it up. That last bit should be ))); ?> (note the extra parenthesis instead of the , 10 part). That shouldn't be happening, though... Did she/you do anything to the site/extension right before this happened?

    EDIT: And the newer version should only display pages in the side panel that are hidden. If it's displaying all of them and none are hidden then something's wrong...
  • well it "crashed" and I lost all my custom pages (it made all the other tabs disappear that the top during this time), but like you said it was corrupted somehow...

    How can you make it display the list of hidden pages in the panel of the custom pages? currently only select things are making it to the panel on the custom pages...
  • NickENickE New
    edited December 2006
    The list of hidden pages is by default only available on the discussions page, but to make it shown on custom pages as well move this block of code:
    to right under this:
    if($Context->SelfUrl == 'index.php')
    so it will execute before any custom page is created.

    But was the 'crash' completely spontaneous? Did it just one day decide to not work? Surely there was some sort of cause...
  • nice, now that I made a banner that goes across the top with a list of all my pages...

    how can I make it so it doesnt display it at all? delete the line entirely?
  • Really all you have to do is set the PAGE_LIST_LOC definition to 0, but deleting the entire conditional block would work as well...
  • ok, so you were asking what it does when it doesnt work... it ate itself again, I didnt change anything other than the usual editing pages... and now the custompages.php and all it has in it is

    <?php return array(); ?>

    why does it do that?
  • then, I copied a backup of the file that i had saved, and then it crashed again with the new file lol...
  • If you're file is particularly big (ie. has a lot of html), try instead of putting all the html in the 'custom page' field, place it in static html pages and include them with a little php. As the custom pages file is included on every page load, it would be a good idea anyway to keep the amount of stuff you have in it down to a minimum.
  • how would I use php to include the contents of an html file?
  • <?php
    should do the trick i think? Unless i'm being stupid.
  • edited December 2006
    well to me its smart just for you to post something like that... I dont have the php background to come up with something like that...
    can I pull from a txt file, cuz I do some of it at school with restrictions on downloading/editing certain file types, and they are starting to figure out there is alot of ftp traffic...

    I just started with learning from a book I bought at barnes and noble, so now I can sort of understand how a code someone else posts works...

    (to sirnot)
    I also noticed the extension doesnt allow some codes, such as mail to links and a few others...
  •  Quote: Minisweeper  <?php
    should do the trick i think? Unless i'm being stupid.
    Not too shabby Minisweeper, it didn't work until I replaced the single quotes with doubles but now I have a much more flexible way of maintaining Page Manager pages. Don't know why I didn't think of this myself.
    Muchos gracias amigo. pic
  • Fair enough. I'm not sure why single quotes dont work since the name of the file shouldnt need evaluating but then i wasnt sure it would work at all so atleast I was half way there :)
  • I have just installed the Page Manager Extension, and am having some problems with the formatting of the content of my page.

    Initially, my forum had an FAQ setup as a "Sticky" discussion, where every FAQ item was a posting. So, I entered all the content there, including a lot of html formatting (using the Html Formatter 2 extension). This system, however, is not very good when we need to re-order the FAQs, as comments cannot just be reordered arbitrarily, and this means redoing the entire discussion from scratch... Not practical, specially with a long FAQ!

    So, I installed the Page Manager extension, hoping that this would be the end of my problems. I added an "FAQs" tab, which appears just fine in the forum. However, when I copy+paste the text from the old FAQ discussion into the new page, the new text appears with *very* different formatting.

    The entire text, for instance, appears in BLUE rather than black. The letters are smaller than normal comment body text - similar to the blue text in the sidepanel. The line spacing is too tight, so the entire body looks awful. And, of course, all of the html formatting I had used looks terrible.

    In addition, all quotes (using the 'Quotes' extension) do not display properly - the colored background box, for instance, has disappeared.

    What is happening?

    How can I make my text in a tab page appear *exactly* as the text shows in a comment?
  • Instead of pasting the html code into the Page Manager HTML field, you should create the web pages as you normally would and place them on the server, then include them by putting this into the Page Manager HTML field...

    <?php include("folder_name/page_name.html"); ?>

    It will look exactly as you want it to.

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 2:52PM (AEDT)

  • edited February 2007
    @Wanderer: thank you very much for the tip. I've done the include, however, for some reason it has not worked. It looks exactly the same as if I had simply entered the text directly into the Page Manager HTML field.

    Check it out for yourself.
  • That problem has nothing to do with Page Manager, it is a whole other thing, the AutoP extension is supposed to deal with it.

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 3:34PM (AEDT)

  • @Wanderer: the AutoP extension would not help either.

    This is not a really a problem with the Page Manager extension - it is a problem with *me*! When I type text into a page created by the Page Manager extension, I would like it to look like the text in my DISCUSSION COMMENTS.

    But it does not. It looks blue. And small. And the lines as squished together.

    How can I make the text in the Page Manager pages have the same style as the text in the comments?

    I've tried looking through the vanilla.css files, and specifying certain attributes, but have not had any luck. I'm a bit lost...
  • Yes I see what you mean.

    It appears that the vanilla.css styles have not being applied to your FAQs list.

    <div class="CommentBody".....>

    Posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 3:51PM (AEDT)

  • @Wanderer: I tried enclosing everything in a , but it still did not work.

    I used the excellent CSSEdit to find out the CSS hierarchy of everything that is applied to a normal comment. There are about 5 different ID and CLASS styles, and I tried applying the all, restructuring the page so that the nesting order was correct, but still, nothing changed!

    I'm at a total loss! :-(
  • After several hours of frustration and testing, I found the solution. I'm posting it here, so that if anyone comes across the same problem in the future, they'll know how to overcome it. This, however, should perhaps be (at the very least) a preference in the "Pages Manager" extension - so that the text in new pages behaves and looks just like text in comments.

    To have the same styles apply to your pages, envelop the entire page content in the following tags:

    put your entire page contents here

    It is still not perfect, though. I found out that the "Transmogrifier" extension, for instance, does not apply its magic to pages made with the Page Manager. Pages made with the Page Manager also do not include in their headers references to all the extension style sheets that are included in a normal discussion page - so if you use some of the common extension like "Quotes", and is used to using markups in your text, you will find that they do not display properly in your new pages...
  • edited March 2007
    I try to add new content with the same look of all the other pages and I tried it like this:



    But it still looks UGLY.

    Any idea? What do you guys put in the "Page HTML"-Form?

  • edited March 2007
    I am sure this has to do with the problem in the vanilla.css:

    IE7 problem, "All Categories" not aligned to the left.
  • @iternity: I got usable results by following the procedure outlined in my previous post. You can check it here - look at the FAQ tab.
  • icouto, thank you very much! is there a chance to grab the exact code from you faq? :) perfect for me :D
  • @iternity: sure! The 'recipe' for doing that is in this post above. Just enclose the entire content of your page in the 2 'divs' mentioned there!

    I hope this helps!
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