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Whisper improvement

edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have a suggestion for whispers. There should be whisper text here "whisper block userblock comment permalink" so you don't have to write the one you wanna comment's name. Just easier to click whisper.


  • i'm more interested in whisper to multiple users and whisper to roles.
  • Yes that is a good idea.
  • i'd like to have the whisper option be more like the messaging systems in popular forums like IBP or phpbb, they are really handy when you need to message someone, and also make it so the admin's can't read your whispers... that's very annoying, i got into trouble on my anime club's forum becuase i didnt know all admins could read the whispers. ><
  • Crazyotaku, yeah a PM would be nice, and a PM add-on will probably be available soon. As you might be aware of, admins can also read PMs.
  • @Crazyotaku: Don't count on any PM system keeping the admins from reading your messages. It's their forum, and they have the right to know what people are saying on it. If you need privacy, get the other person's email address, and communicate that way.
  • Admins can turn on/off the ability to view other peoples whispers. It happened to me earlier today and until i realised what happened i thought i was going crazy cause suddenly all sorts of discussions were showing as unread.

    Adding a 'whisper to' link would be a pretty simple theme change or extension. I might give it a shot later if work gets really dead...
  • I've written an extension for this.

    Quick Whisper
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited November 2006
    Pol, this is great. TY.

    Now I can probably get rid of that 'useless' and big 15kB ac.js script required only for the username auto-complete (also used in search it seems, but it seems nowhere else?!?)
    I just changed the vanilla.css file so it hides the border and make the input box bgcolor the same as the form:
    #WhisperUsername, #WhisperAutoCompleteResults { width: 200px; border:none; background-color:#f5f9ff; }
    I also replaced the "whisper your comments to" label (/conf/language.php)
    $Context->Dictionary['WhisperYourCommentsTo'] = 'whispered only to...';
    Much better...

    (note: I tried hiding both label and input box in CSS, the whisper mechanism continues to work peachy, but there's no feedback to the user that whisper-mode is being used...)
  • I just don't like admins monitoring pm's that much, I used to run an IPB forum and I never checked people's PM's I viewed it as an invasion of privacy. You're sending a message to someone and you shouldn't have to worry about other people reading it and getting mad becuase you said something about them when you're talking to someone else about it..
  • Yes, I took the Whisper option off, my members said they wouldn't use it if it wasn't guaranteed private.

    Although I do see a use for it, if you needed to say something to someone in the context of the dicsussion but felt it didn't warrant cluttering up the conversation.

    As for emails, if you think they can't be intercepted, think again, although a more concerted effort would need to go into it.
  • If they wanted you to guarantee it was private why didnt you just turn off the ability for your admins to do it?
  • 'Cos wouldn't that be the same as saying "I promise not to look"?

    I'm the only admin by the way.

    It was weighed up against the complexity added by having it there and having to explain it.

    (I know, I know it's not that complex but you don't know my members).
  • Well if they didnt trust you then it's hardly difficult for them not to use it and for the rest of the users it remains a benefit. Whatever though.
  • i just always have it off even from the creation of the forum, that way members who are paranoid only need to ask and I only need to respond "nope I can't view your whisper's I have that option disabled"
  • ...and if they accept that do you sell them a dud used car or a block of beach-front property that's only under water at high tide? :-)
  • I suspect he just continues with the option turned off happy in his knowledge that his users trust him as a fair administrator.
  • edited November 2006
    Nice extension Pol! This must be included in the next release! Maybe there should be an option where members can see if the admin can see whispers, pms or not?
  •  Quote: Minisweeper  I suspect he just continues with the option turned off happy in his knowledge that his users trust him as a fair administrator.
    I can't believe you actually said and believe that.
    "Fair" has nothing to do with it, "security by ignorance" sounds like a Microsoft concept to me.

    I'm a little more honest with my people than that, I give them the whole story, that's why I'm trusted.
  • how does Whisper security differ from PM security in other forums
  • As Admin, you can see Whispers in the regular discussion list (if that option is on).

    As a PM, the Admin would actively have to go and delve into peoples' inboxes.

    In any case, neither are actually secure in the usual understanding of the term.
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