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Anyone running a financial/investment forum with Vanilla?

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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I need some ££££ tips. Maybe someone knows a good forum for discussing such matters?


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    here u go from Forbes best of web rankings

    Value Investors Club
    Canslim E-mail Discussion Group
    Motley Fool: Rule Breaker
    Vanguard Diehards
    Dave Gore's Trades That Make Sense
    Foreign Affairs Discussion Group
    Silicon Investor: Gorilla and King Portfolio Candi
  • Cheers dude. These are all about $$$$ and not ££££ though...

    I did find though, a very interesting concept for community based loans:

    "Social Lending is where people lend and borrow money with each other, sidestepping the banks"
  • Money's money, isn't it? Why does it matter?
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