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Phantom User

edited July 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
is there anyway of turning it off?


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  • Judging by the extension code it looks like the ability to view phantom users is set in the Roles page. I'm guessing you could just give every role that permission with no adverse effects...
  • its unfinished, that option is not available in the roles... at least not that i am seeing.
  • edited December 2006
    In that case, how about try removing this line:
    $PreferencesForm->AddPreference("MenuOptions", "Phantom", "Phantom", 0);
    from near the end of the extension, and cut this bit near the start out:
    if ($rows["Preferences"]) { $settings = unserialize($rows["Preferences"]); if (array_key_exists("Phantom", $settings)) $phantom = ForceBool($settings["Phantom"], 0); else $phantom = false; } else { $phantom = false; }
    and replace it with just
    $phantom = false;
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  • old one but need a little this fix still good for eliminating phantom users? if so, which file is this in?

  • The change should be made in the default.php file in the statistics extension. (I think)
  • Hello, is there any way to allow admin the ability to see who the phantom users are?
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