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Wordpress & Vanilla Integration Bug

edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm having a bit of trouble... think I found a bug... "Allow non-members to browse the forum" Unchecked Signin via Vanilla with "Remember me" unchecked - forum comes up, signed in. Signin via Vanilla with "Remember me" checked - bonk. signin form refreshes with no error indicated. "Allow non-members to browse the forum" Checked Signin via Vanilla with "Remember me" unchecked - forum comes up, signed in. Signin via Vanilla with "Remember me" checked - forum comes up, but not signed in. So it appears there is something going on with the "Remember me" checkbox and setting the cookie right. Interestingly, and found out by accident, if I signin without checking "Remember me", get logged in, then hit the 'Back' button on the browser and sign in again only checking the box, I get: You are signed in * Click here to continue to the discussions * Click here to continue to the categories Which I don't get the other times I sign in. So I theorize that there's nothing wrong with the cookie setting, but something wrong with the getting of identity for the purposes of setting the cookie? [EDIT] I checked by closing out my browsers-- cookie is not being set right. Erg. Any ideas?


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    What do you have set as the cookie domain and path for your forum, what URL do you use to access the forum, what browser and OS? Do you use cookies anywhere else on your site? Are other users having trouble?
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    I've ran test sites on a couple of my local servers to test integration between the two. I haven't ran into this issue, and I've had it set up the same way you've described. What versions of WP and Vanilla are you using? Was each working properly before you integrated? Browser version?
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    WP 2.0.5 Vanilla 1.0.1 /forum/ I access the forum as I see where you're going though ( being different, yah?). No other cookies (at least, beyond the defaults for WP and Vanilla). Don't know if others on other platforms/browsers are having problems. I'll have to find out. For that matter I should check IE as well. Windows XP Firefox I thought I recalled it working. The only change I could recall was adding a lot of extensions -- so I went and disabled them all. But no change. I also thought maybe I botched copying and pasting the authentication module, or maybe bad whitespace somewhere or such. So I went and replaced the file. Again, no luck. I did customize people_signin_form_nopostback.php to take out 'Forgot Password' and 'Apply Membership' buttons, but that should have no effect, and even so restoring the file to original made no difference. It is reading cookies correctly and authenticating, b/c I can enter once signed in to WP. It's the setting of cookies clearly. Hmmm. Thanks for you help thus far..
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    Only suggestion at this stage is to try changing your cookie domain to "" with the . and without the www as this should enable the cookies for any (or no) subdomain. Failing that, it really would be useful to know if it was working for other users/browsers/platforms...
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    It does sound like a cookie problem.

    I've got a couple local copies in a similar fashion for testing, where WP is in / and vanillia is in /forum, and it was fine operationally. The only exception was one of my local test boxes, which had apache 1.3.33, and PHP 4.3.4, but that was prior to WP integration.

    I did integrate that one though, and integration was fine although some of the AJAX wasn't. Probably missing something locally on that machine, as it's a bare minimum WS install.

    I did successfully integrate (including theme) on a box that is more up to date, and it didn't have any issues.
    That particular box is running CentOS 4.3, Apache 1.3.36, PHP 4.4.3, MySQL 4.1.x, and it has a lot more installed with it since it's a production box.

    This box is set up like this, for testing:

          index.php (for WP)
             - WP Core Files
             - Vanilla

    WP integration as per Mark's write-up was successful, as were
    the additional steps from the community for theme and function
    integration. Took out people.php, and let WP handle logins.

    I'd triple check the cookie path, as mini mentioned. Also, might
    look to make sure you're calling the right include path for files
    that are being included. An extra or missing ../ or something could
    really hose things up.

    Nothing of interest in the error logs or anything?
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    This is weird.. b/c it seems like it's working now. Very weird...
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