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Anybody know an extensible ASP Wiki pack?

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Hi. I was googling for an asp open source (sounds funny, eh?) extensible wiki pack for the site we make, but i could not find any. Could you help me out plz. If you know some extensible free asp based wiki packs, please list them here. By extensible I mean a pack, the presentaion of which that can be completely changed, like vanilla (see my changed version).

thanks in advance


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    asp and opensource don't go together

    u can try OpenWikiNG
    or WikiASP

    Comparison between the above two
  • thanks... ive opted for wikiasp.. thanks again
  • wikiasp is pretty limitted compared to OPenWikiNg
    but its ur call.
    have fun.
  • oops... i forgot that my programmer said we need ASP.NET, and not ASP.. i personally don't know the difference... anyway,,, he had already found some

    thanks anyway
  • ok... i know this is not the place to ask this question,,,, but i have never used telnet (or whatever the protocol) discussions, and the forum directly related to this issue is of that type.. anyway.. i have installed openwiki for my site, and now i have another problem, which is to translate it... with vanilla it was rather easy (basically like everything that is associated with it), cause i simply changed the definitions file.. but with this openwiki, i have no idea how to translate it.. i have searched for a definitions (or similar) file in the folders, but could not find any.. windows search found nothing either...

    so the question is, how do i translate those basic terms in openwiki, like "edit", "search", "recent changes", etc.??? please help me.. thanks
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