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Background Music...

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I have a flash program that I have found online that will add a nice little music player with a 20 or so track list. What are the rules on copyrighted music, I have googled it and all I can come up with is NO FILE SHARING!!! and that sort of thing, I just want visitors to have something to listen to if they want... and since this is a non profit organizations website, I thought it would be good to be legit... I thought there was a you can only use 30 sec of the song or something like that?


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    I assume that "broadcast" rules would apply here, that is, you'd have to pay royalties to the copyright holder of the music you play.

    I know this applies to phone on-hold music and playing music in shops, even having the radio on playing music in a public place.

    Now that's not to say anyone actually prosecutes webmasters if they play background music on a web page.

    As for playing 30 seconds of the song, I think that is for a review or similar and I think you have to talk over much of it.

    Then again I could be making this all up.
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    lol, are you kidding, you have to pay royalties if you are playing a radio station? that seems stupid because the radio station already has to pay royalties... that would suck I had a video production class, and I thought the teacher said you could do like 30 sec and it didnt violate the copyright... because it is a preview or something weird...
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     Quote: Waterskiaddict  lol, are you kidding, you have to pay royalties if you are playing a radio station? that seems stupid because the radio station already has to pay royalties... that would suck
    I did say "in public" and that would actually be re-broadcasting. I think most radio stations are reasonable, it's in their interest because their advertisers are getting more exposure. I had to get permission at a school once to put a radio station on a PA at lunchtimes. They said it was cool as long as we were not selling anything.
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    thats weird though, they are transmitting it for public listening... why would it matter if everyone is listening to one radio or 100?
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    you would need permission to use the music to be legit. maybe find some independent musicians online that would like to submit music for a tracklist with links back to thier sites - or at least the music credits.
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    k, thats a good idea... I have seen site which just use regular music, but I dont think it is legit lol...
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    There is always the Podsafe Music Network which has some great tracks freely available. I use them all the time.
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    after further thought, I have decided maybe music isnt the best idea lol...
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    Don't be discouraged, why not try the link below...

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    Wanderer is right. Technically to play the radio anywhere with other people in (even in offices) you need an 'entertainments licence' in the UK atleast. You're meant to have one to play hold music on phones too. Very few people actually care, but if you're really bothered it is the law. Stick to free songs or royalty free atleast.
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    so the midi ones are legit or what?
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    Midis are free to use, don't really understand how it works legally.
    They're not as high quality as mp3 but some are really nicely constructed.
    Be aware though that some are also very tinny and old arcade-game sounding, you just have to search and pick the arrangement you think sounds the best.
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