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Awesome Vista promotion

Its not everyday something creative comes out of redmond. This Vista promotion is very well done. Its a set of videos so watch all of em (provided they are up) kudos to MS for this.


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    Um, I don't see what this has to do with Vista, apart from the logo in the lower-left corner.

    The first 3 episodes are entertaining, really weird but interesting, certainly nothing like I've ever seen from Redmond.

    Can't help wondering where it's all going though.
    Merry Christmas
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    It's the first time Microsoft surprises me with something else than a blue screen of death.
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    dan39dan39 New
    edited December 2006
    It's Microsoft's attempt at an answer to the Apple commercials that feature John Hodgman (from the Daily Show), who is supposed to personifies the nerdy Microsoft stereotype.

    So, to flip things around, Microsoft hired Demetri Martin (also from the Daily Show) to make Microsoft more "cool." Apparently, Microsoft had this huge Excel spreadsheet which put out a pie chart that told them they needed to be more in touch with the younger generation. The problem is that people who don't know or appreciate Demetri Martin's humor probably won't get it. Where as the John Hodgman character is pretty much universally understood — so it reaches a wider audience. Microsoft has signed Martin for a lot of promotions (and they're sponsoring his tour), so it's certainly possible that they make more of it than this. I personally don't see how this helps them shed their image. All it seems to do is promote Demetri Martin.

    Anyway, it's nice to see Microsoft finally hiring a real graphic artist for a change.
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     Quote: dan39  It's Microsoft's attempt at an answer to the Apple commercials...I personally don't see how this helps them shed their's nice to see Microsoft finally hiring a real graphic artist for a change.
    As usual, the Redmond mob is following instead of leading (and following very badly because they just don't get it).
    I can't help but feel they are laying a soft and gooey bed for Vista when it finally hits and falls very heavily. pic
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    Having given Vista a whirl I was surprised how solid it actually felt. I don't give a damn about fancy graphics outside of games so it was pleasant to have them there and not feel they were unnecessary. I was expecting to feel that. I'm loving the new audio mixer. That's the best feature for me.
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    Audio mixer? Must check that out...
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    Yeah, I'm probably using the wrong terminology. Basically, each application you have open will have it's won channel in the volume control window. It's wonderful. All my music applications can now be independently controlled. I love this :D
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    Oh really? Cool!
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    Oh really.

    Here's a screenshot of it:

    Image Hosted by
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    this is definitely neat
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    It's my favourite feature so far. Although, I'm going to have to remove this installation as i need drive space. Couldn't be bothered to setup internet on it either so I can't say if that's any good. I refuse to use IE7 too as it's a festering pile of shite. I'll stick with Firefox. However, my overall impressions of Vista are a lot better than expected. Won't be getting it straight off though. That can wait until I build a new computer.
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    Now all you need is an app which will record digitally from any of those apps, at the same time, preferrably to different channels. Now that would rock :D
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    2 more episodes are up
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