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edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
About the page code: ... <div id="Introduction"> <div> <h1><a href="./"><span>Vanilla</span>&nbsp;<span>1</span></a></h1> <p>Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web. Anyone who has web-space that meets the <a href="#ServerRequirements">requirements</a> can download and use Vanilla for free!</p> <a href="" id="Download"><span>Download Vanilla (328k)</span></a> <div class="VersionInfo">Latest version: 1.0.3; Released: Dec 4, 2006</div> </div> </div> <div id="SiteContainer">...
To set the background to the (firefox) windows of vanilla, Mark use the following css rules:#Introduction div { background: url(../images/vanilla.gif) no-repeat bottom right; height: 188px; }
IE7 is the only one to display ../images/vanilla.gif for the background of div.VersionInfo
In other browser, the background is hidden behind the background of div#SiteContainer.
Is it an IE7 bug?

Edit: Maybe it is not hidden under div#SiteContainer, but //div#Introduction/div is just too short (188px) to display all of div.VersionInfo


  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    When I wrote that, IE7 wasn't out - I haven't had time to upgrade any of my sites or applications to be compatible yet. It pisses me off that IE7 isn't compatible by default, anyway. If they had done things right, my pages would look just fine - but MS web browsers march to the beat of their own drum.
  • yep... who needs standards when M$ forces their "standards" on you forcing you to break your standardized code to match the population of people using the M$ "standard". First IE6 now IE7. bleh.

    As a webdesigner it really ticks me off to have to hack my design to get it to work. I kinda wish there was a way to patch their broken browser to be a bit more standards compliant.

    Take a break and enjoy a webcomic!
  •  Quote: kimonostereo  As a webdesigner it really ticks me off to have to hack my design to get it to work. I kinda wish there was a way to patch their broken browser to be a bit more standards compliant.
    I always thought it would be good to start an organisation ( to publicise this and the other issues, and perhaps make it valid to use a "not compatible with IE" badge.

    If it got popular and the people on the ground were convinced to use say, Firefox instead, surely MS would do the right thing?
  • I'd support the honorable 'Not Compatible With IE' badge. :) I truly hate IE... I wonder why they can't just comply. "I just want to make another POS program just to piss everyone off... hahahaha!" It's getting tiresome. Whoever starts the: - could make some money using Googles switch to FireFox ads. I believe they pay out $1.00 per each conversion.

    Well, let me know what you guys work out. :) I'll be happy to make the badge - what size should it be?

  • That was done, and then stopped. It was something like "Too Cool for IE".
  • I think the reason M$ does what it does is that it really doesn't care about standards. Rather they feel that since they have the largest share for browser usage that they can do whatever they want and force us to comply. I'm really happy when I see people using FireFox but there are TONS of people out there that could 1) care less or 2) don't even know what a browser is... when asked what they use to surf the internet they reply, "AOL".

    Sadly, the developers are a minority in this situation. M$ gets by because they are the default browser installed today. Hopefully 2007 will see the tide turn as more either switch to Mac or more get fed up with IE and it's security flaws.

    Take a break and enjoy a webcomic!
  • Here are some browser stats from Browser Stats.

    Over the last year, IE has lost around 10% of its web browser users. If we just sit around and do nothing, nothing will happen. I think the reason the IE has lost so many of its users is because of web designers trying to move people away from IE.

    Instead of making a non-compatible IE graphic, I am going to make a graphic that discourages the use of IE. My upcoming site should work fine with IE, though that doesn't mean I want people using IE to view my site. Lets make a stand. :)

    Some light reading: IE Information on Wikipedia.

  •  Quote: chuyskywalker  That was done, and then stopped. It was something like "Too Cool for IE".
    Yes, I remember that, the guy took it down because he was being harassed.

    Too Cool For Internet Explorer From Paul Armstrong's Blog...
    Last summer, while creating a personal blog, I snapped. Internet Explorer is holding us back. Its ill-support of CSS2 has brought a halt to the advancement of website design. So I jumped on the anti-Internet Explorer bandwagon with my own joke campaign, Too Cool for Internet Explorer. It was a joke, plain and simple. A lot of people didn’t quite get the humor in it. Others thought it was the greatest thing since Spread Firefox and wanted a full-blown site. Honestly, I’m sick of getting emails from über-excited nerds and hate mail from IE advocates. The content is now coming down.
    I’m not abandoning the hopes and dreams of one day being able to create a site using CSS2 (or maybe CSS3) and have it work exactly the same in Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc… without any extra tweaks. Rather, I’m waiting impatiently for the software engineers to realize that the WWW is constantly changing around them.
    I apologize to those of you who enjoyed the joke. Keep using the badge if you dare, but the only thing that will be left is the Too Cool for IE badge.
    Rest in peace, Too Cool for IE. May all browsers, on every platform, one day, fully support standards.
  • Wanderer => green... memories. :-D
  • I too dislike IE, but please, for the love of GOD do not stop sites from working on it. By all means don't fix every last little niggling bug and put a banner up suggesting a browser change if you must, but make sure the site works on IE. If you don't do this, then you're just as bad as MS and you're locking out a large number of potential users/readers. I'd hate to see a return to 1998 and the "You must have IE/NN to view this site" crap.
  •  Quote: [-Stash-]  I too dislike IE, but please, for the love of GOD do not stop sites from working on it.
    I agree, I would never deliberately sabotage a site from working with IE and do not advocate doing so.
    As for making sure it works on IE that's a little difficult until I get my MacBook Pro next year!
    Anyway, I'm sure IE users have lots of experience with glitches on web sites, they'll understand.
    Yes I do have an inconspicuous little message promoting Firefox over IE and why.
  • I can never be bothered to fix IE bugs on my sites. If it works on everything but then I coudn't care less.
  • Quote: [-Stash-] ... for the love of GOD ...?
    GOD ?
    Never heard of…
  • Well, you did ask the question...

    --The Answer--
  • Hmm, not sure why I invoke the almighty, as I don't believe...
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