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how can you access this variable

y2kbgy2kbg New
edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
how can you access this variable: $Context->Session->User->Name from a seperate .php file in the same directory as vanilla when someone is logged in?


  • anyone? is this question confusing, To clarify i just want to be able to get the username.
  • edited December 2006
    include("/path/to/appg/settings.php"); include("/path/to/appg/init_ajax.php"); echo $Context->Session->User->Name;
  • ohh thanks!! ur cool!!!
  • maybe not!! i get a bunmch of similar notices: Notice: Constant MAGIC_QUOTES_ON already defined in /www/ on line 226 and then a fatal ERROR: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class mysql in /www/ on line 14 this is in a function that gets call MANY times on the same page.
  • require_once("/path/to/appg/settings.php"); require_once("/path/to/appg/init_ajax.php"); echo $Context->Session->User->Name;
  • ok i will try that!
  • hmm doest seem to work.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Show your entire source so we can see what's wrong.
  • y2kbgy2kbg New
    edited December 2006
    ok actully i didn't write it, I have some code that uses ajax to rate something in stars. It track your IP This will be used alot in a school where many people use the same computer so i want it to log the screen name instead. <code> <?php /* Page: _drawrating.php Created: Aug 2006 The function that draws the rating bar. --------------------------------------------------------- ryan masuga, [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------- */ function rating_bar($id,$units='') { require('_config-rating.php'); // get the db connection info require_once("appg/settings.php"); require_once("appg/init_ajax.php"); $ip = $Context->Session->User->Name; //$ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; if (!$units) {$units = 10;} $query=mysql_query("SELECT total_votes, total_value, used_ips FROM $tableName WHERE id='$id' ")or die(" Error: ".mysql_error()); $numbers=mysql_fetch_assoc($query); $count=$numbers['total_votes']; //how many votes total $current_rating=$numbers['total_value']; //total number of rating added together and stored $tense=($count==1) ? "vote" : "votes"; //plural form votes/vote // determine whether the user has voted, so we know how to draw the ul/li $voted=mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT used_ips FROM $tableName WHERE used_ips LIKE '%".$ip."%' AND id='".$id."' ")); // now draw the rating bar ?> <div class="ratingblock"> <div id="unit_long<?php echo $id ?>"> <ul id="unit_ul<?php echo $id ?>" class="unit-rating" style="width:<?php echo $unitwidth*$units; ?>px;"> <li class="current-rating" style="width:<?php echo @number_format($current_rating/$count,2)*$unitwidth; ?>px;">Currently <?php echo @number_format($current_rating/$count,2); ?>/<?php echo $units ?></li> <?php for ($ncount = 1; $ncount <= $units; $ncount++) { // loop from 1 to the number of units if(!$voted) { // if the user hasn't yet voted, draw the voting stars ?> <li><a href="db.php?j=<?php echo $ncount ?>&q=<?php echo $id ?>&t=<?php echo $ip ?>&c=<?php echo $units ?>" title="<?php echo $ncount ?> out of <?php echo $units ?>" class="r<?php echo $ncount ?>-unit rater"><?php echo $ncount ?></a></li> <?php } } $ncount=0; // resets the count ?> </ul> <p<?php if($voted){?> class="voted"<?php } ?> ><?php echo $id ?>. Rating: <strong> <?php echo @number_format($current_rating/$count,1) ?></strong>/<?php echo $units ?> (<?php echo $count ?> <?php echo $tense ?> cast) </p> </div> </div> <? } ?></code>
  • y2kbgy2kbg New
    edited December 2006
    i get a whole bunch of errors here are the first 3: <code> Notice: Undefined variable: Configuration in /www/ on line 13 Notice: Undefined variable: Configuration in /www/ on line 20 Notice: Undefined variable: Configuration in /www/ on line 14 tell me if you want more of anything. </code> can anyone think of a simple workaround?
  • *bump*?
  • what about a complicated inefficent workaround? I need this.
  • You are including the Vanilla file from inside a function when the whole thing is designed to be global.
    I don't see why it should'nt work as local but give a try at a global include.
  • well this is a function that is called by code in a pagemanager page but the actual function code is in a seperate file. when i try it without adding require i get alotless errors.
  • could this be caused by the absince of a .htaccess ? my host doesnt allow these. Global include?
  • include the vanilla file at the global level, not from inside a function.
    Then in your function
    global $Context; $ip = $Context->Session->User->Name;
    Not sure though, just a clue.
  • well it not work out of funtion .. but when inside it!!!!!!!!!!! yea it works thank you!!!
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