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Can you make categories unpostable?

edited January 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is it possible to add catagories which can be seen by everyone, but can only be posted in by a certain role?

So the admin could have a News category that anyone can see and comment on, but only he could actually start a discussion in.

Perhaps some nice admin feature to set permissions for each individual category, we can post, who can edit, would be a good feature to add. I seem to remember that other forums already have this feature.


  • Yeah. I think mark skimped a little on permissions features to avoid it becoming bloated. It would be a nice extension though.
  • that's a really cool idea... i imagine you could do it as an extension for sure... just blocking permissions on the post.php page if it's in a particular category / role.
  • I have no idea where i'd start. I can modify PHP to some extent, but i'm forced to bow to Mark's mastery; the scripting in Vanilla is way beyond my limited knowledge.
  • i think he really made an effort to make the extensibility of the site pretty user friendly.. .but i could be totally wrong also... also i am sure that there will be a pretty dedicated group of people that will be building extensions.
  • hopefully once the documentation wiki is up, (with some examples!) it will be a lot easier to edit the code for your own use.
  • i am sure it will be... it also helps to really look at the extensions that are already there...
  • I shall look forthwith
  • *moves to vanilla extensions
  • *points out that vanilla extensions and vanilla suggestions are pretty much the same category
  • I was thinking about functionality like this this morning. I'd like to put together a blog like extension for it, which would be picked up on the front page of the site with a link to the discussion it created. After all, there's no point running Vanilla and a blog side by side, since they would duplicate so much functionality. The only thing I need is to have the category "blog" (or whatever) only be postable in by certain roles... After that, it becomes pretty trivial, although it may be more of a patch-on kindof thing than a proper integrated extension.
  • mini, i think having both will make sense long term... there are alot of requests for functionality that will be included in future releases but not as extensions.
  • That's the idea behind my query, a collective community.
    Perhaps even creating a mini-blog for each user? displaying instead of the role history on their user page?

    ahh, i have so many pie in the sky ideas...
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I think I mentioned something like this last week. except it was more along the lines of categories and not individual topics. Much like read/write/execute settings when choosing which role can read/reply/post new topics for new categories. Most likely a 2.0 features request.
  • that goes along with each user having an image directory too.
  • wow lot's of killer idea's today
  • that goes along with each user having an image directory too.

    yes!!! i've been dying to get something like this running forever!!!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited July 2005
    Probably the hardest part of writing an extension engine was trying to think about the bajillion things that people will want to do with the application. I recently read on another forum one guy said, "I took a look at the vanilla code, and it's way too overcomplicated." He's right, it is complicated. My original code was about 200k smaller in size when zipped. But you couldn't do anything with it without changing the core of the application code. With this new methodology I came up with, you can do pretty much anything. I mean, worst case scenario - if one of my objects just won't work for you, you can either put in a request to have the object changed for the next rev, or you can completely write your own object to do what you want and then replace the reference in the object factory (take a look at extensions/whispers.php to see what I mean). You can seriously do *anything* that you want with Vanilla. So yeah. complicated. But neat!
  • edited July 2005
    I want to link to something comment in another thread for my own reference.

    With this feature and multiple category tags, vanilla would render wordpress and movable type obsolete
  • there definitely needs to be more control on the category permissions. being able to show/hide categories to individual users is a must. having a category for viewing, but no posting is also very handy.
  • just thought i'd bump this one.
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