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Vanilla Extension Discussions

jonezyjonezy New
edited July 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
hey dudes, i made a new category dedicated to this topic... i will try to move all the discussions i can into but if you made one that is extension related can you move it in here? thanks


  • Good idea.

  • lechlech Chicagoland
    /me blocks this category just for the sake of his own sanity.
  • /me blocks lech just because
  • :p
  • i never knew this existed...
  • the blink tag is older than christ himself!
  • even better than the blink tag itself is that nowadays you can make things blink USING CSS. text-decoration : blink;
  • lol @ symantically correect blinking.
  • are there any other stupidly blinking random things you could share with us?
  • Well, there is always marquee, but it doesn't exist in XHTML, so by adding it I've stopped the page validating ^^
  • BenBen
    edited July 2005
    lol /me looks over shoulder for validating fanatics
  • HTML Validation Result
    0 errors / 42 warnings

    I don't think it's only becuse of the blink tags..
  • domdom
    edited July 2005
    validator page here

    4 errors, just due to blink tags and marquee tags <_<

    If you try using a strict doctype on the other hand, it would be much worse.

    edit: snapped the url into an <a> tag due to obscene longness and breaking...
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited July 2005
    what's this..


    a flasher has invaded the forum...

    | | | || |

    send in the police....
  • hahaha, amazing.
  • lol @ jonezy making a spelling error when typing correct.
  • moemoe
    edited July 2005
    ahhhhh! ;)
  • omfg i am going choke slam a grammar nazi
  • so is there going to be any discussion or extensions in this thread, or what?
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