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Vanilla Add-ons listing page

edited December 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I have a question: what is powering the Vanilla Add-ons listing page? Is it Vanilla itself, albeit a custom use/presentation? The reason I'm asking is because for my project I want to create a listing site that our audience can browse. There won't be anything to download but instead they can send a booking enquiry, which will be a like a whisper/private message. This is for my on-going evaluation of Vanilla to see if I can apply it for my project.


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    It's a custom app that Mark wrote. It runs on the lussumo framework (I assume, atleast, would seem stupid otherwise) but I believe it's nothing to do with vanilla. I also believe he has no plans to release it publically in future (he still has quite a bit of work to do on it, anyway).
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    Cheers for swift reply. I thought it was a custom app, but was hoping it wasn't ;-) In essense, this is sorta of what I need for my request board i.e. a basic listing style site categorised by country. Though it is not entirely necessary for my project to work, it would be nice to have.
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    Nearest you could do is write a really wacky custom theme for your vanilla install. I think you should carry on as you are for the time being though. It's coming along...
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    Thanks Miniswseeper! One of the good things about this (me messing about with Vanilla) is it allows me to form a better idea of how I want my app to work. So far the biggest hurdle posed is how to collect specific data from accommodation providers (owners) and what data e.g. accommodation type, amenities, photos etc. Then, how to present it e.g. need a tab whereby users can browse the listings by country. They will also be able to send a booking enquiry if they wish, which will be in the form of a private message (whisper). For users, they need an easy way in which to enter the dates they are looking for. Owners then need to respond with a 'Yes' plus any additional comments. The user can then browse through the responses by looking at the owners' profiles. All in all, there are some very strict functions required. I can't see myself pulling this off alone but I'm happy with the start I've made so far.
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    The easiest way I can think of to manage the 'specific data collection' thing, would be to modify the new discussion theme template to include a bunch of fields, then just insert all that data into the standard comment but in a set order. The 'yes' could just be the same as closing a discussion (but allow users to post in closed discussions, perhaps) - depends how strict/definitive you need it to be though.
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    I think the whole thing needs to be fairly strict as I want it to perform a specific function: post requests with specific dates/criteria and receive notification/affirmation from accommodation providers. The first aspect (I think) I need to focus attention on is getting the sign up/registration of the accommodation providers. Their profile page will essentially be a listing. That needs to be nailed right off the bat. Then, work on the users' aspect i.e. posting their requests. Again, that will need custom work as I want them to be able to choose date ranges easily, sleeps (number of people in party), preferences i.e. near beach, mountains etc. Amenities i.e. swimming pool etc. An idea would be use tagging for this aspect but it would have to be simple and work similarly to i.e. load of tags go into a pool from which the user can select and unselect by clicking. But that's pie in the sky stuff ;-) For now though, I would probably go for grouping these as check boxes with possibly a custom field to enter an item not on the lists. This will be a serious project as it goes back to an idea I had several years ago but am only now ready to do something about it.
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