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Standards-related questions

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Figured this thread could be used as a blanket for standards-related stuff, i really only have one request/question for it right now.

Can the <br> tags used in posts be replaced with <br />s instead?


  • Erm... It already is?
  • ya i just checked the String Formatter class and it uses <br />'s
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    every question makes me look dumber, wtf. okay, this is my post made above in HTML formatting mode. <div class="CommentBody" id="Comment_5608">Figured this thread could be used as a blanket for standards-related stuff, i really only have one request/question for it right now. <br><br>Can the <br> tags used in posts be replaced with <br />s instead?</div>
  • this is a test in text formatted mode
  • this is another test

    in markdown mode

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    this is one more test

    in HTML mode
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    this is a test<br><br>in text formatted mode
    <p>this is another test</p> <p>in markdown mode</p>
    this is one more test<br><br>in HTML mode
  • lechlech Chicagoland
  • not h8n, just trying to figure out if i'm missing something.
  • Well, when I view source there are no incidences of <br>, only <br /> /me shrugs It works for me, so, erm, I blame the pixies in your network exchange!
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    okay, once again i look like a total assclown.

    using "view selection source" in firefox replaces the <br /> with <br>
  • really? that's fucked up. probably someone should report that to mozilla.
  • It's just how the browser understands the XHTML - ie HTML, and <br /> is <br> in HTML. Basically the browser 'decodes' your XHTML to HTML to render it. M.
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    Sorry, Sweeny, but browsers don't "decode" XHTML to HTML. My Firefox view-source of this page (not "view selection source") correctly shows the breaks as <br />s.

    That's a very odd bug that you're experiencing, Nifkin.
  • The view-selection-source for me also gives <br> rather than <br />. The view-page-source gives <br /> correctly, so clearly this is what is being served, and FF is doing something interesting with view-selection-source. This may well be worth reporting to FF, or they may already know. Re: the decoding thing. No, browsers do not decode XHTML to HTML, but they do treat it as HTML (and use the same tag-soup correction methods) as long as it is served as text/html. It's only when XHTML is served as application/xhtml (bad for IE) that it will start treating it like XML.
  • yeah, my browser is showing "<br />" as well.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
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    Scottish: okay, so maybe "decode" isn't the right word. Translate perhaps. It changes standalone tags (such as <form />, <br />, <hr />) to container tag pairs (<form></form>, <br>, <hr>).

    The "View Source" is pre-rendered static HTML.
    The "View Selection Source" is post-rendered static HTML.

    Read this article.
  • Hmm... how odd. I concede the point, however I don't know why it would convert <br /> to <br>, since <br /> is VALID in plain old HTML4.
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    i'm running FF 1.06 and I get <br /> What version of firefox you running? edit: I just totally missed sweeny's last comment
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