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Extension Installer

edited October 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is there a way to install extensions using an extension in vanilla, such as if anyone has used dokuwiki... all you do is point to where the extension's zip you want to install is... hit the install button and tada you have that extension. This would make it alot easier than using ftp all the time. (I only say this because one of the sites i run always has problems with the ftp!!)

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  • It's technically possible, yeah. It would depend on the security configuration of your PHP server though.
  • idk I used dokuwiki on it and it allows me to install the plugins fine... how difficult would this be? I dont really do the extension writing thing... I have problems enough just trying to figure out how some of them work...
  • If how i'm thinking about it is correct, it shouldnt be that difficult. The main issue is that that script wants you to feed it an URL and the addons site wont provide you with one...
  • Yeah I guess I never thought of that... when you download plugins for dokuwiki, people just list where the install zip is located... isnt there a way the addon site could list it? Or could you just copy and paste from the address bar?
  • There is a kinda hack you can use to make it tell you but it's not ideal...It also means mark wont get his stats tracking.
  • ah, well I guess its a no go then...
  • I'll have a think about it. It certainly wouldnt be difficult to make it work for basic extensions if security settings were right and there was an easy way to locate the zip. Bigger issue comes when you download extensions that need in-file config..
  • Do you mean that it would be an extension that you have to install, cuz that would be fine.
  • trying to revive this add-on request. I'd appreciate this add-on too :) I think every add-on server could provide URL to an add-on list with add-on versions, descriptions and urls. This might be named add-ons-list.php or add-ons-list.txt depending on the server. You can just add server to the add-on server lists. Add-on would go and search for add-ons-list.php there and if 404 is returned, then it go and search for add-ons-list.txt (or in a reversed order) I mean if you add server then it would try to search for and if it is not there then for Then it would be nice to have a list of available add-ons to download and admin could install them by checking check-box for that add-on and then just clicking 'Install Add-ons' button also there might be a similar list of installed add-ons with uninstall ability I as a newbie am in a situation I would like to install all add-ons and try most of them how they works. Downloading all add-ons one by one, unpacking them and uploading to ftp is very time consuming. Other improvement could be an additional info in the server add-ons list about conflicts with other add-ons Also you could make it download updates automatically/manually and also it might be able to keep packed add-ons in a specified folder with creating a add-ons-list.txt there, so you could make an add-ons mirror server easily. Anyone interested in programming this? :-D I'm working on some other add-ons right now, so maybe when I finish and I'll still be motivated I can try to code this
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