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How to restrict user rights

edited January 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
We are using vanilla to allow people who have lost/found pets to post to a site in the hope of reuniting owners with their animals. We would like to be able to give these users the ability to delete only their own postings, at the moment from what I can see this is not possible, users will either not have the rights to delete or if given those rights, will be able to delete other users postings also. Can this be done at all, or will we need an add on to enable this kind of access? Thanks in advance. Spider.


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    Why not simply edit the post with "happy end" or such?
    Or else you'll need an extension.
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    I think it would be a real shame to delete these posts all together. They should have a happy ending message like max_b suggests, or be moved into a different category or something when they are finished. Otherwise no one will be able to read all the heart-warming stories on your forum about reunited pets!
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    Thank you Max_B, yes I agree that good news is worthwhile sharing, however some of the people posting would like there contact details deleted. The idea also is to have little or no intervention by ourselves, we are contacted regularly by users asking to make changes for them. Is there an extension we can use, and where can we find it?
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    spider, the users themselves are able to edit their own comments and delete their contact details then if they wish, add a statement saying "Fido has been found..." or whatever. No intervention required from you.
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    Well said Wanderer. Perhaps you just need an FAQ stickied that explains this to your users?
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    I appreciate your comments, we do have a FAQ stickied for users to read, but some of the users are novice users and are not reading the FAQs, so they are constantly emailing us for help, the question remains, if we want to implement the ability for individual users to be able to delete their postings (and only their postings) can we do this, and how.
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    The Comment Removal extension allows ADMINs to delete comments and discussions, I don't believe it allows users to, I have just asked one of my members and they don't even see the delete option.

    The only option I see is asking them to edit their post as mentioned above. Maybe they could rename their post please delete and you could use the Comment Removal extension to do so?

    I have trained my users to refer to the help section, if they ask me, I bounce them to the help section. This will work assuming your help section is clear, succinct and complete.

    Posted: Friday, 5 January 2007 at 4:05PM (AEDT)

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    Thank you wanderer, I do appreciate your input.
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    edited January 2007
    Comment Removal has two options:
    1. Can delete any comment and discussion
    2. Can delete their own comments and discussions (with no replies)
    These need to be enabled in the Roles& Permissions (settings/?PostBackAction=Roles). So if you set option 2 (1 should only be for trusted admins IMO) for "members" or whatever your group is called, then they should see the option...
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    Hi Wanderer, My surname origin ????? speculation = maltese, italian, irish, i don't know my family is from England. The Lost Dogs' Home is the owner of this site, a non-profit charity organisation in Melbourne who I work for.
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    Whisper much? ;)
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