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Don't send me to homepage after signin

edited July 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Yesterday I read this forum from home.
Today I read it from work.

Now I'm home again and it seems my cookie was invalidated (I'm not auto-logged in), which is fine.


1. I realize there is no "reply" button under a thread that I want to reply to
2. I naturally head for "sign in"
3. Problem: After signin I'm back to the homepage!

That's ugly, please send me back to where I came from after signin.
(hitting back-back-back did work but it's not intuitive)


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    are you that guy from the ruby on rails video?
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    @jonezy hehe, no. what ruby on rails video?! (offtopic: I actually share the unpopular opinion that ROR is way overrated.. plz don't kill me for that ;))
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    i can't even be bothered with ruby on rails.
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    Ruby on Rails = meh. I don't see what the big hoohah is all about.
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    Oh in reference to the OP (moe)'s post.. it would be nice, if there _was_ a reply link, which if you weren't signed in, took you to the sign in page, and then, of course proceeded to drop you back where you were, before you you signed in.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I think an even better idea than this is to have a sign-in option right in the comment form if you aren't authenticated yet. That way you can enter your comments, enter your username and password, and submit. I know YH does this (OMG, HE WANTS TO COPY YH!! WHAT A LOSER!), and I think it's a nice solution.
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    edited July 2005
    @vinay,mark i agree. the best approach would be (imho) to have a "username / password" box anywhere where it might be needed (maybe have it popup via javascript when required). basic UI principle: less clicks are better. nothing more annoying than having to search the login button and going back/forth a couple times before being allowed to proceed. that severely disrupts any thinking-in-progress ("uh, why did i want to reply again?"). well, i'm sure it's an easy fix. :) ps: another advantage of having the login/password box right there is that many browsers will fill in your data automatically so you don't even have to think about it - just hit reply and it happens whether you were logged in already or not. with some smart markup you could probably have one login/pw form in the upper right corner and all "reply" buttons act as submit.
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    true. true. forgot fittss law. */me bonks /me* Yeah, good point moe. I should have thought of that. Yeah, I like that. the sign in page is basically just if the forum is completely private then? *shrug* I could live with that.
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