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what the hell is this? :)

ToivoToivo New
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  • whoa,,, thats weird..... that person knows its open source but wants a clone?
  • Even wants to change variable names. (see comments)

    What is the point of that?
  • "Please note that I have replaced some of the characters to prevent search engine indexing." Obviously didnt work too well...I wonder why he was so keen to hide anyway? "Hi, I'm looking for someone to rewrite the script so that it is very hard to identify. This will include changing the layout slightly, variable names and structure of the source code...or maybe rewriting from scratch if you think that is easier." Changing layout and structure of source code? Sounds like a great idea...almost as good as rewriting from scratch! Hell it's only taken Mark over 2 years and countless thousands of hours to get this far! If anyone with an account there would care to politely ask why he's looking for a mirror project to opensource software I'd sure be curious...?!
  • What's the point? I mean it's already open source ffs!
  • he wants a closed source version, obviously . . . then he'll use it to run a website and people won't be able to ask him for the source code because it won't be open source. Otherwise someone could go to his profitable site and just download the source and run their own copy cat.
  • well, how could they get his source? as long as he doesn't post it for us to have his php files are secure. Plus, even if he has a closed source version anyone can download the real vanilla and make a copy site anyway...
  • Step 1 - Clone vanilla, make changes so that "it is very hard to identify" Step 2 - Try to compete with vanilla Step 3 - Try to make money off of marks work
  • what's the point? y not just use this framework instead? this guys wanting a quick flick solution to a problem that took Make 2 years to make
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    its opensource. can't he just take it.
    I guess he wants to call it his own hence the sneaky behavior
    can't find the register button anywhere on the site
  • Well it wouldn't be the first time somebody, or a company, has used OSS to make money. However, this is a pretty underhand way of doing it. At least the companies I've heard of using OSS give back their changes to the community.
  • /me initiates operation scriptlance infiltration...
  • ToivoToivo New
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    Step 1 - Clone vanilla, make changes so that "it is very hard to identify". Try to compete with ... .com Step 2 - .... Step 3 - Profit!!!$$??????
  • That's just too weird. Why not register at the site and bid for the project and have a laugh!
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    For the record, since you can't read my message posted there (#6):
    Really curious why you would want a clone of an open-source project.

    This forum package is easy to upgrade and customize without changing the core code. If you change the core code it makes future updates and patches much harder to apply.
    And his reply:
    it is because I would like to build a commercial website and using the GPL code, I would need to resubmit all of the changes back to the project.
    Don't think he understands that his modifications don't have to be GPLed unless he redistributes them. It would be an easy custom theme and install of predefined attributes and he would be happy. (and better off if one of us helped him out!)

    The register link is on the home page, click on the 'for programmers' button on the right.
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