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Bloglines won't subscribe to Atom feed?

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So I recently started a Vanilla board for one of my web sites,, but when I tried to subscribe to its atom feed via Bloglines, Bloglines rejected the feed as invalid. "No feeds were found. Please verify that the website publishes an RSS feed." I should add that Bloglines subscribes to the feed just fine. Here's the feed, can anyone else subscribe to it? Thanks for your help.


  • It's probably because your domain is private, it needs to authenticate to grab that feed...
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I'd say omfg is right on the money. Incidentally, if you open up your appg/settings.php file, what agVANILLA_VERSION do you have?
  • Seems to be a minor error with the lussumo feed as well. I couldn't get it to work in Newsfire (Mac).
  • Could you elucidate on the comment "your domain is private?" Is that a vanilla setting or a web hosting setting? I'm not unexperienced with scripts and web hosting, but the statement is too vague. Thanks! And for the other question: ("agVANILLA_VERSION", "")
  • Bump! Any further explanation on the "your domain is private" comment?
  • OK, so I played around with it a bit and figured out that if I turned on "Allow non-members to browse the forum" the Atom feed is accessible to bloglines. I guess that's what omfg meant, but I didn't understand what he/she(?) was getting at. So if your Atom feed seems inaccessible, that's likely the problem.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
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    I should have caught this thread sooner :) Yes, omfg was was right, but didn't explain himself too well. This is probably one for the wiki too. When you create a forum that requires a user to register and login (hence making it "private" or "private domain"), even the rss feed is cut off even if you are not logged in. Your rss feeder simply saw "401, unauthorized" and said "screw it, i can't get in", hence you couldn't see it. If you tested the feeder url while being logged out, you would have been prompted to enter in your user details via a nice little dialogue.
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    I modified index.php in the feeds directory, and it's working with NewsFire now. I had serious problems with the original atom feed, despite the fact, that FeedValidator said that it's valid. I took Google's atom feeds as a sample, and it's working perfectly now with all newsreaders I tested (Mac/PC). If anyone's interested, I'll post the code here.
  • "OK, so I played around with it a bit and figured out that if I turned on "Allow non-members to browse the forum" the Atom feed is accessible to bloglines." I turned on that option from the start, and despite of this, some newsreaders had problems recognizing the feed. It was always empty.
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    i tried to post the code, but the formatting has been f*cked up. if anyone's interested, i'll send it by e-mail.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    <pre><code> formatted code </code></pre>
  • schell: I'm having the same problem.

    Could you please post your code when you have a chance?

    I've been looking forward to seeing the conversations from the Vanilla forum I'm running popping up in an RSS screensaver.

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    Lech: thanks for the tip, but still no luck with the formatting. if i choose HTML, parts get lost of the code, cause it contains HTML/XML as well. Jerk: i uploaded my feeds/index.php file here: good luck, tell me if it worked for you!
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    Excellent code schell. I culdn't get it to work in Google Desktop before, but now it is working fine. I think this code needs to be in Vanilla by default. Or at least after Mark has looked over it and makes sure its up to stuff and consistent with his coding. The only thing that should maybe be changed about the feeds is it currently displays time as when the thread was originally posted (for example, 57 minutes ago). It might be better if it displayed when the last comment was made.
  • I basically did a 1:1 copy of Google's feeds, so it should work fine. Of course you are free to (re)use the code, or include it in Vanilla. To my excuse, I don't know the global variables of Vanilla, that's the reason for the posting date bug. Mark will surely correct it. Please also consider that I'm not a PHP wizard, just a poor C++ developer ;-P
  • I also did a small RSS implementation: enjoy!
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