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Notify help

edited July 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help

I recently added the Notify extension to my forum, but it doesn't seem to do anything, at all. So I was wondering what kinds of things might go wrong, and how I could fix them.

The database table is created, and it has entries, so I know that part works. I know that mails can be sent, because when I change the roles of people, they get nice emails telling them about it, so it can't be that, I think. But I can't figure out what else might go wrong, or if I've missed something.

Any ideas?


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    It's not working for me, either, and others. Either the add-on dev or someone with needed expertise needs to look at this when need dictates. It seems to have broken with 1.0.3.
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    I think there's a general want/need for this extension to be fixed, but I have not the knowledge to fix it :( Perhaps Jazzman, Mini or Mark could take this one on as it really is an essential extension and I think Vanilla's long term health may be negatively affected without it working to at least a basic level, ie actually working!
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    The Notify extension indeed needs serious fixing. As much as I'd like to encourage the use of RSS, the current RSS feed extension doesn't work on a private forum, and I'm not sure the users of my forum would use it if it did. E-mail is the only way to get these people to visit the forum regularly.
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    Hi guys, Unfortunately I tried using Notify with the latest version of Vanilla before I realized there was an issue, and now folks can't subscribe to the forum, they get the following error: The page could not be displayed A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred Technical information (for support personel): Definition list of 2 items Error Message = An error occurred while creating a new user. Affected Elements = UserManager.CreateUser(); list end Block quote start The error occurred on or near: Field 'SubscribeOwn' doesn't have a default value Block quote end I didn't see anything about adding elements to my database in the Notify instruction, so I didn't do anything with the database. Folks were getting this error after I turned notify off in my extensions as well. ANy ideas? Thanks.
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    OK, rss/atom still don't work with private forums but Notify is working for me again with the forum private.

    I'm not sure why but could it be connected to this oddity?

    I (perhaps?) have not made a saved account change since installing 1.0.3. When I fooled with the 'guests can browse' setting today, Vanilla complained it couldn't write to the conf/settings.php file. Huh?

    Well, yeah, it couldn't. Now, it can again. But it always used to be able to do that .... I have settings here that were definitely changed after initial installation. Weird. I may go out and test a few other installs.

    I still wish (implore) Mark to repair his RSS2 and Atom feeds for HTTP authentication.

    Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether the software is idiotic or I am idiotic ... or both.
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    I'm a newbie to Vanilla so take this with a bag of salt, but if you get the : "The error occurred on or near: Field 'SubscribeOwn' doesn't have a default" error, setting the default values to '0' in the Notified and SubscribeOwn columns of the lum_user table of your Vanilla DB seems to work.
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    I believe the error is in the notify setup - Notify adds a number of fields to lum_user, specifically 'SubscribeOwn' & 'Notified', that are defined as "not null", so when a new user record is created and values are not supplied for them and there are no deafults defined, the result is a fatal error.

    So, using MySQL Administrator, you can go into the lum_user table and either set defaults like above which may be a mistake/dangerous since I've no idea what values Notify expects. Or you can make the fields allow nulls which can be a mistake as well. But in either case users will be allowed to register again.
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