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Hi... What i try to undertand is, how do you all guys appeared to hang out in this forum? I myself like this forum because it is a random collection of designers, coders, and developers, who simply know much about the web and many things related to it. Why i have chosen this forum as my default place to turn to? Well, could be because I can contribute myself. Could be because I can ask for opinions. Could be because I like Vanilla. I guess all of these are sound reasons. But! What interests me is, what do you get out of this forum? how did you guys get into it? and most importantly, why did you choose this forum in lieu of many other communities? thanks..


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    I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Vanilla, but I was looking to try using a forum in my teaching. It has not worked out yet with my students, but I still come here to learn and to help others.
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    People here are, for the most part, intelligent and polite. That and I'm learning stuff, so it's all good :)
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    Yea I agree the people here are like a family, with friendships and friendly arguing (wander's & his obsession no, BOTTOM of heart LOVE&PASSION for....Apple. HaHa see Proof Wanders love for Apple)

    Yea also, noone here post stupid things... lol maybe funny or pointless but not arrogantly stupid like some other forums. Everyone also has one great similarity and that is their love for Vanilla, its simplicity, and its opt in not opt out philosophy.
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    I cant remember how I came across Vanilla, but I do remember that I was looking for a phpBB alternative. I joined just to check out the forum, but the people here are just really cool and easy to get a long with. I was a member of a few others just for a place to hang and chat with people but they were very immature and flame wars were a constant. Its the people that make this community. Thats what keeps me here and makes it fun. Everyone here is nice and they know a lot. We all learn from each other and offer our help with no problems.
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    One day, a friend told me Vanilla was an interesting forum, rather different than the mass of phpBB, SMF and stuff like that. So I had a look, without really needing a forum solution, and instantly loved it. I tried it for a small community of old friends I wanted to keep in touch with, played with it for a while, then finally began to use it for others projects.

    I started needing to ask various questions, so I registered here on, where I discovered a bunch of pretty interesting people. Everybody was just so nice and helpful I got hooked. At first I thought it was just about troubleshooting, bug reports and coders hints, but no, there's really more than that. It's a place to learn, share, and sometimes have a good laugh.

    I wonder how much Vanilla itself, the way it's designed, contributes to this "familly effect". I mean, there are really great people here, but would the general community feeling be the same if Vanilla was a more classic forum? I believe people here tend to get along better than in various others communities partly because Vanilla makes communication easier. Mark really achieved something with this software.

    Maybe it's the feeling that everyone here work together to make Vanilla evolve that keeps me coming several times a day. I've never seen such a reactive community : someone comes with a idea, people discuss it, and a few days (or hours) later someone else releases a new addon. Being both helped and helpful, a part of the process of building something - even a very small part - is probably the reason why I'm still around.
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    I was looking for forum software for my World of Warcraft community. I own a guild and wanted to give my members a place to chat and discuss. I use Vanilla for a year and a half now, and I'm still happy about it! Somehow Vanilla is easy to understand and invites people to come back to your website. It has a slick interface, without all the cluttering of links, options, tables, etc.

    From a developers view, I found out that Vanilla has the best framework there is to find. True, there are faster and smaller scripts out there, but this one's beautifuly coded and very easy to extend. I always like creating extensions for the community. The nice response from people is enough for me to do it for free and in my spare time.

    Last but not least, I like the Lussumo community, and the discussion they have. Seeing all these skilled people with good ideas and good intensions, makes this board a must-see for me everytime I have the oppertunity to go on the internet :)
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    I now run Vanilla for 2 community sites I run.. 1 of which I don't even visit anymore (a friend of mine runs it) and the other is a private community for some offline friends which doesn't get much traffic. Aside from that I don't have a main forum I run Vanilla on.. I'm getting more interested in Swell now since I've turned away from forum sites nowadays.

    Though I still like checking this place daily because of the people that are here. I'm a developer/designer and I get a lot of interesting ideas and insight from everyone. Also I am really interested in everything that Lussumo puts out so that's why I'm here :)
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