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Multi-File Upload

edited January 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Ignorance revealed...again...sigh. How do you adjust the number of files that are permitted to be uploaded? Since I have looked everywhere, I am assuming I must modify the code? Thank you.


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    Yep, open the default.php:
    $Context->Configuration['MULTI_FILE_UPLOADS'] = '3';
    Change the number et voila :)
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    I love voila answers... Thank you
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    Thanks for all the work you've put into this Jazzman! I installed Attachments 2.1 and that is working just fine. I would allow like Multi-File Uploads and so I installed and enabled it, however I don't see anything different from the Attachments 2.1 addon. When I create a discussion or add a comment, I just see the same one box for adding an attachment. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks again!
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    From another discussion ( Thanks for this extensions! How (where) to define the text colour of the div 'AttachmentsList'?
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    @ zovall: Nothing is wrong. Select browse and select a file from your computer. See? :)
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    This extension rocks. Would be nice to have a GUI so we can manually change the max number of uploads, and perhaps also some indication by the upload box that says how many files can be uploaded at once? I have to say that this, combined with ThickBox rocks :) With Inline Images and thumbnails set to 125px, it's like an instant gallery :)

    I have also been thinking a little regarding Attachments' extensions. I personally believe they should go into a subdirectory of the Attachments extension, so something like:/extensions/Attachments/InlineImages /extensions/Attachments/MultiFileUpload /extensions/Attachments/AnotherNewAttchmentsExtension
    After all, they all REQUIRE Attachments to work any way. Then we could perhaps also have their options GUIs selectable from a dropdown menu in the Attachments Extensions Options screen? It would keep things nice and neat and together in the attachment extensions area of the panel. I mean it's fine right now with only two extensions to Attachments, but what about when there are 5, 10, 16?
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    @ Tex Doh! I didn't see any change at first so I didn't even bother trying to add a file. That is pretty slick!
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    edited March 2007
    Expanding on my post above, this is how I would envisage it looking.

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