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Error message--Help with Improved Sidepanel 1.0

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I have downloaded and installed the Improved Sidepanel extension, and I'm getting an error message. Unfortunately, the ReadMe file is pretty vague, so I don't think I've made all the appropriate changes. I want to add external links into my Sidepanel. Does this extension require the Sidepanel 1.0 extension to be installed & activated---or does ImprovedSidepanel stand-alone? According to the ReadMe file for Improved Sidepanel... You must first go into the default.php file and cut & paste the language definitions into your conf/language.php file. DONE--Here's what my conf/language.php looks like... <?php // Custom Language Definitions $Context->Dictionary['Header1'] = 'Header 1'; $Context->Dictionary['Header2'] = 'Header 2'; $Context->Dictionary['Header3'] = 'Header 3'; $Context->Dictionary['Link1'] = 'Example Link 1'; $Context->Dictionary['Link2'] = 'Example Link 2'; $Context->Dictionary['Link3'] = 'Example Link 3'; $Context->Dictionary['Link4'] = 'Example Link 4'; $Context->Dictionary['Link5'] = 'Example Link 5'; $Context->Dictionary['Link6'] = 'Example Link 6'; ?> I am assuming that I leave the code as it is, and make no changes here...? From the ReadMe: "Then you can go back into the default.php file and change the link and header names to what you want them to be and also change the links to the correct php pages you want them to link to." Okay. Here's what the code looks like inside default.php... if(in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("index.php", "categories.php", "discussions.php", "comments.php", "post.php", "account.php", "settings.php"))){ $Header1 = $Context->GetDefinition("My Header Title Here"); $Panel->AddList($Header1, 110); $Panel->AddListItem($Header1, $Context->GetDefinition("Link1"), GetUrl($Configuration, "Insert_Pagelink_Here.php", "", "", "", "", ""), "", "", 10); $Panel->AddListItem($Header1, $Context->GetDefinition("Link2"), GetUrl($Configuration, "Insert_Pagelink_Here.php", "", "", "", "", ""), "", "", 20); $Header2 = $Context->GetDefinition("Header2"); $Panel->AddList($Header2, 120); $Panel->AddListItem($Header2, $Context->GetDefinition("Link3"), GetUrl($Configuration, "Insert_Pagelink_Here.php", "", "", "", "", ""), "", "", 30); $Panel->AddListItem($Header2, $Context->GetDefinition("Link4"), GetUrl($Configuration, "Insert_Pagelink_Here.php", "", "", "", "", ""), "", "", 40); $Header3 = $Context->GetDefinition("Header3"); $Panel->AddList($Header3, 130); $Panel->AddListItem($Header3, $Context->GetDefinition("Link5"), GetUrl($Configuration, "Insert_Pagelink_Here.php", "", "", "", "", ""), "", "", 50); $Panel->AddListItem($Header3, $Context->GetDefinition("Link6"), GetUrl($Configuration, "Insert_Pagelink_Here.php", "", "", "", "", ""), "", "", 60); } ?> I understand that I need to change "My Header Title Here" and "Link 1" to the text that I want displayed. However, it looks like this extension only supports linking to internal PHP pages (pages that already exist on my website). But what if I want to add *external links* to other websites? For example, what if I want to link to Google? How would I do this? Finally, here's the error message I get when I activate the Improved Sidepanel extension... Notice: Undefined index: REWRITE_Insert_Pagelink_Here.php in /home/user_name/public_html/community/library/Framework/Framework.Functions.php on line 447 Here is Line 447 inside Framework.Functions.php... .($PageName == 'index.php' && $Value != '' ? '' : $Configuration['REWRITE_'.$PageName]) I just want to add some external links into my sidepanel. I didn't think it would be this hard!


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    I gave up on working with improved sidepannel and found this thrown together by SirNOT:

    Extension Name: My Links
    Extension Url:
    Description: Adds a side panel links
    Version: 1.0
    Author: N/A
    Author Url: N/A


    if(in_array($Context->SelfUrl, array("index.php", "categories.php", "discussions.php", "comments.php", "search.php", "post.php", "account.php", "settings.php")))

    $ListName = 'VIPM Links';
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, 'VIPM Members T-Shirts', '', '', 'target="_blank"');
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, 'Custom T-Shirts', '', '', 'target="_blank"');
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, 'Poker T-Shirts', '', '', 'target="_blank"');
    $ListName = 'Game Room';
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, 'Poker', '');


    Also adding -- '', 'target="_blank"'); -- to end opens target in a new external window too.
    $Panel->AddListItem($ListName, 'Lussumo', '', '', 'target="_blank"');
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    Guys, if you wouldn't mind wrapping code in <code></code> tags, I'd very much appreciate it as it's making me go blind reading what you've posted ;)
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